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  1. ScandinavianStamps

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    Twitter DOES work, even if it represents the opposite end of the spectrum from snail mail and the stamps we collect-- that's how I found out about this place.

    I'm originally from Denmark, lived in the UK and Spain for a number of years, but now live in western Washington state, in the US.

    I've collected stamps since I was six-- unlike many, never stopped during my teen years; still going strong at age 52. I collect primarily Scandinavia, with a focus on early Denmark and Sweden. I also keep smaller collections of Australian 'Roos, Machins, general France and Cats on Stamps thematics.

  2. Steve Robinson

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    Welcome to the forum Peter, I too have a general france collection as well as a number of others (can not make my mind up as to what I like the most LOL)
  3. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Welcome here Peter and it will be great to see some of your collections around... ;)
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