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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by inkersohu, Mar 9, 2018.

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    Hello, everyone
    I am a stamp collector from China. I collected it about thirty years. I have a lot of stamps from the world. Of course I have some my country's stamps too. I like swap stamps directly. As we can find what we want. If you want to swap stamps direct with me, you can explore my photo with the follow link and send me a mail to tell me what you want. My photo album shows a part of my collection. I can show you more picture if you need.

    My email:

    My swap stamps photo

    I collect vehicle(such as car, ship, plane, train);
    special shape(such as triangle, circle, star)
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    Hello inkersohu and welcome to the Stamp Exchange. I have never had much success trading stamps, but others probably have. You also should announce your interest in trading in the forum labeled TRADES below this one. You might find someone willing to start an exchange.

    We would like to see some pages or individual stamps from your collections. Please post something from time to time.

  3. inkersohu

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    Some of Chinese stamps

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    Very nice stamps. Thanks for posting them. I thought the mini sheet of fans was especially interesting and attractive. I hope to see more of your collections soon.

    I recommend, though, that you post your images under another forum such as Stamp Chat below. More people will see them and comment on them.

    Who are the four men in the image up05.jpg?

  5. inkersohu

    inkersohu Member

    They are famous musician.

    Schubert Chopin
    Liszt Mahler
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