Great Britain 4 kings, perfins & KEVIII

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    1. Basic rules for exchange.

    - Cheap stamps (cat value: u$s 0.10-0.80): 100 x 100.

    - Cheap perfins: 50 x 100 or other possible agreement.

    - More expensive stamps, by catalog previously agreed.

    2. The envelope that I´d send.

    - I try to package and secure the stamps inside the envelope. In Argentina, it is not legal to "tape" all of the envelope seams and edges; if I do such thing, the post office must reject it.

    - Today in Argentina is not easy to buy stamps, and many times you can´t make a nice cover with a a variety of postage stamps.

    - Unfortunately, many times the post office glue the stamps to the envelope. You could soak them, but it is better to keep the cover untouched, because it is more valuable than the isolated stamps. And the ink of the actual postmarks is not very resistant.

    3. Stamps that I´d accept.

    - Gum categories: mint n.h., original gum (hinged or not), no gum. Never: regummed (RG).

    - Condition: all (very fine, fine, good, average). Exclude notoriously damaged or defective stamps (unless previous agreement, in some rare cases).

    4. What I want.

    - General interest (I).

    All stamps from the 4 King´s period.

    - General interest (II).

    All perfins from the 4 King´s period.

    - Special interest: Edward VIII (1936).

    Catalog ID: Ivert: 205-208; Stanley Gibbons: 457-460; Scott: 230-233.


    - perfins,
    - clear postmarks,
    - covers and postcards,
    - first day covers, first day cards,
    - control numbers,
    - the “eggs”,
    - trainig stamps,
    - overprints and surcharges (Morocco, Tangier, et al.),
    - proofs and essays,
    - everything related to theese stamps.

    5. What I offer.

    Used stamps from Argentina and many countries. FDCs from Argentina.

    Best regards.
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