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  1. Is this 554c Booklet pane.The earliest used? Canceled at the Grand Canyon looks to be the date Aug 12, 1923. It is a box of 20 Minnie 1923.jpg gc.jpg 1923.jpg gc.jpg 1923.jpg gc.jpg pictures of the Grand Canyon, Made by Fred Harvey.
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    I don't know about the earliest cancel, but it is an interesting piece of Fred Harvey ephemera.

  3. Hi Don. I sent some scans to an expert, The fellow that owns stamp identify site. He has 554 a cover listed as earliest known use as Nov ,1923, . Under my magnify glass i can see a clear three. I might be wrong about the exact day but the month and the year is correct. I believe this was Harveys fist realest set of mini pictures, He likely had them made at his post card company. Well he had passed away, so his family was running his empire at the time. Im waiting for Roger Kirby to message me back on his decision.
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  4. 454c2 (2).jpg 454c1.jpg This would have been before the permanent Grand Canyon post office was constructed.
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  6. Thank You Hochstrasse. The expert needs to see the date in person. I will have to send for a certificate. The stamp is quiet common its self.
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    Hi Richard, I meant to mention the American Philatelist article from January 2019 "Looking for the Grand View". I am not one to get wound up by a story or article from the APS magazine, but the combination of history, sleuthing, post offices and national parks was quite fascinating. Did you have a chance to read that? The Grand Canyon material you posted took me took me right back to that article. I'm going to look for Grand Canyon stuff at the next stamp show I attend.
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