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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by pinkpolarbear, Jan 17, 2019.

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    I've been swapping for about 2 years, maybe a bit longer, mostly on club sites where partners are assigned. Decided to branch out a bit more and seek out some boards for more personal connections and private swaps.

    Primary collection is polar-philately, both arctic regions... stamps, souvenir sheets, FDC, postcards, nifty postmarks and so on... polar bears esp, other arctic fauna, flora (if there is any?!?!), people, cultures, arts & crafts, explorations/explorers, research, scenery and so on.

    Stamps & souvenir sheets of Ancient Egypt & archaeology, pink & pink-ish flowers, woodland critters, folk costumes & historical fashions, bees, sea mammals (other than whales), Disney, ice hockey, mystery related

    Thanks for having me!
  2. inkersohu

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    I am a stamp collector from China. I have a lot of stamps from the world. If you want to swap stamps direct with me, you can explore my photo with the follow link and send me a mail to tell me what you want. My photo album shows a part of my collection. Do you need Mint, Used or CTO?

    My email:

    My swap stamps photo

    My favourite:
    1.vehicle(such as car, ship, plane, train);
    3.cartoon(Tintin is my favorite);
    5.special shape(such as triangle, circle, star);
    6.weapon(fighter, tank, warship);
    8.beautiful flower;
    9.Collection of Countries:British colonies;France;Austria(after 1990);Island;New Zealand; Former Soviet republics
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