German translation help needed for non-philatelic item

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by DonSellos, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. DonSellos

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    I went to a philatelic event in Oklahoma City yesterday. It was sponsored by the metro area stamp club and was billed as "a stamp collector's garage sale." That is, no dealers present, just collectors wanting to sell some of the stuff they no longer want or need.

    With that explanation done, I bought an item that I think is Austrian notegeld and I am hoping some one (I know Werner can do it) might translate it with the objective of identifying the entity issuing it, the date of its issue, and maybe some explanation of the scene on its front and the writing on the reverse.

    I am not a currency collector, but I was struck by the attractiveness of the piece and, after looking at some notegeld online, I can understand how this could become a seductive collecting area.

    For the purists, I also apologize for posting a non-philatelic query under the Stamp Chat forum. I am reluctant, though, to register on one of the numismatic sites for a single question that I'm sure can be answered by this site's stamp knowledgeable collectors.



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  2. Werner Salentin

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    I have one or two Notegeld myself Don. I believe they from Marienburg if I remember correctly. It's an interesting sideline. Werner has nailed it again with the details.
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  4. DonSellos

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    Thanks, Werner for the details on this note. I greatly appreciate having access to people with language skills and knowledge of other countries.

    The person selling the note didn't know what it was and sold it for 50 cents. I will probably do a short write-up using the info Werner supplied, mount the note on a page, and place it at the end of the Austria section in my stamp album. I like the attractive printing and I'm sure someone else will appreciate it in the future.

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