German semi-postal of 1943-44

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    The Scott catalogue normally indicates the purpose of the surtax on semi-postal stamps. For example, the surtax on a set of six stamps issued in 1944 (Scott B272-277) was "for the Postal Employees' Fund". But for two earlier military-themed sets (B218-229 & B257-269), no purpose for the surtax is given. If anyone has information about these surtaxes, I would appreciate receiving it. I'm including some of the stamps in my Battle of the Atlantic exhibit for VANPEX 2012.
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    I know it is easy to claim the purpose is self-evident being that I believe that the extra money was used in the war effort. Having collected German stamps and the semi-postal stamps of Germany, Danzig and other occupation issues like the Polish General Government stamps the information on the stamp is a strong hint about the purposes of the monies. I believe "Dryer" in the link is spot on. There was an event in Berlin in 1943 called the "Day of the Hero", a memorial day celebration in which Hitler delivered a speech for which the B218-B229 stamps where prepared. Perhaps in addition to collecting monies for the war effort some of the money defrayed some of the costs of the event and the promotion.
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    Great sets, I must get my German stuff scanned LOL
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    as a moderator would you kindly post a tutorial on how to achieve that?
    The reason I ask, is my photos seem to have vanished and no one seems able to get them back. Or are you working on the problem even now, if so what sort of time frame are we looking at, to start making the site look a bit more... well, 'used'?
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    Don I have responded to this question in another thread were you posted the question (SG1)
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    I have very few of German stamps. :p
    Nice set, historical.
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    They are super.
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