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  1. Adam

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    Hello, I found in my albums some precancels. There are some comments in German on the pages. As I found out they were canceled because of change of rollers in printing house in 1923. I also have list of differences between, I believe, old rollers and new ones.

    What do you think of them? Are precancels interesting for some reason? 1923 it was the time after the World War, so I can't imagine why they had to change rollers. Or it was because of some progress in printing? Do you think they are interesting for some historical reason? I think they are authentic, why would anyone falsify precancels.

    Looking forward for some answers, greetings!
  2. Hochstrasse

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    It appears you have a "specialist" write-up of some German "inflation" issues. Here in the States we would not call them precancels, but rather overprinted stamps. The Michel Specialized Catalogue illustrates various styles of letters and numbers in overprints and lists their separate values. Although most inflation issues are not rare or expensive the fact that the collection has larger pieces and identified varieties might be of some interest to specialists. Most collectors wouldn't be interested in such large duplication. To really find out what the value is would require some effort and a Michel Specialized Catalogue. The varieties exist not because of a "change of rollers" but probably because of separate printings in different locations and some anomalies within the same printings. I didn't look at all the pages, but it appears as if most of them were in stamp "mounts". If all the stamps are pristine and never hinged that would add a significant premium to their value.
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  3. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Thanks a lot, it's very interesting. I will definietly buy Michels specialized catalogue (I now have only Deutschland catalog). Could you explain what are stamp "mounts"?
  4. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    Mounts are inert plastic holders for individual stamps. They are measured in millimeters and usually come in clear or black, pre-cut or in strips that a collector can cut to length. Scott and Prinz are 2 labels that market mounts. I have a link to that will give you a little more information. The size of the mount indicates the available space in the mount and not an overall height.
  5. tasha

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    That is great information and yes another way of saying overused stamps. In South Africa we have a shortage on stamps at the moment and the post office is on strike.
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