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Discussion in 'United States Stamps' started by Molokai, Oct 30, 2016.

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    I finally was able to add a George B. Sloane (he of Sloane’s Column) to my collection of stamp dealer covers.

    Some biographical information on Mr. Sloane here; a very prominent dealer from what I call the Golden Age 1930s, 1940s, 1950s -

    Sloane’s Column (George Turner, BIA 1961) remains one of my favorite books on U.S. philately.

    All I find on the recipient, M.J. Lloyd, is in an old American Philatelist about the Garfield Perry Stamp Club season opening 1921-22, to wit: “A snappy contest that held the interest of those members was arranged by Mr. M.J. Lloyd.” Perhaps our unofficial historian <DonSellos> has more on this gentleman?

    I am down to Ezra Cole on my stamp dealer wish list. There’s a nice one on eBay with a $2.60 Zeppelin for just $775.00, if <Don> or <Hoch> want to surprise me for Christmas! :shame: Past that I will focus on famous collector and philatelic writer covers, perhaps upgrade a few – Tuttle, Souren...

    Sloane-Front.jpg Sloane-Back.jpg
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    Another nice cover, Molokai. You are building a fine collection of stamp dealers from the 1930s/1940s.

    Not much additional info on the addressee. I think the entry below from the 1935 Blue Book of Philately is the same person. Looks like the cover may have been addressed to his office in downtown Cleveland. The entry doesn't include as much info as some and he is not in the 1938 edition. The entries usually give the collectors age and occupation.


    PS I wouldn't count on that Christmas surprise!

    cleveland guy0004.jpg
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  3. Molokai

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    Hi, Don -

    Thanks much for that information! I have those books on my list, just haven't gotten to them as yet. The 30s-40s are indeed my favorites tho I have several earlier and just purchased a Morganthau.

    As to the Cole cover... Perhaps <Hoch> will come though for me.;) It is a lovely piece but IMHO some overpriced.

    (I bought the small lot of Gossip, looking forward to reading them.)

  4. DonSellos

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    As Alexander Pope said a few centuries ago "Hope springs eternal in the human breast." :)
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