GB 1847-54 Queen Victoria 6d Mauve SG 58, CV=1000 GBP

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    I have no recent S.G.-cat. However if you have look you will
    see that there is a note ahead of these stamps:
    "Prices: The prices quoted are for cut square stamps with
    average to fine embossing."
    The shown stamp is cut to shape.But even this had been
    done badly.
    Michel quotes cut to shape stamps to about 5 % of cut squares.
    This would mean roughly GBP 50.-,S.G.
    As the cut touches the design in different places and taking
    the overall appearance of that stamp into account,I think
    that it would be well payed with about GBP 20.-.
    So,no wonder,that there is no bid on it.
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