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Discussion in 'World Stamps' started by Witty1, Aug 8, 2012.

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  2. Larry L. Taylor

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    Hate to be a doomsayer, but probably not. Maybe on the British side of things - a little. Maybe on the topical side of Olympic stamps - perhaps. There are too many other diversions for the money people have, and how they are willing to spend it nowadays, e.g. sound track downloads on their MP3's, iPhones/iPads, food, rent, transportation, piercings / tattoos / drugs.

    Then there is the issue of availability of stamps and supplies in general. When I was growing up, just about every five and dime store carried albums and hinges and bulk stamps to soak off paper. Now try and find any of that stuff. I have to mail order everything I need to maintain and grow my collection, including new-issue stamps the local post office refuses to stock.
  3. David Logan

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    I ahve to agree with you larry. Even here in the uk it's a struggle to find stamps. I find that ebay is generaly useful in obtaining stamps/
  4. Larry L. Taylor

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    It's kinda like a downward spiral. If the postal authorities cut their production of stamps in half, but the collector's population declines by 80-90%, in the end there is less demand for stamps, both mint and used, and furthermore there's no one to sell them to when your estate tries to figure out how to recoup invested cost. Add self-adhesives to the equation, and further discouragement ensues. Our recently disbanded stamp club (all three of us) had different collecting interests. T'other two of 'em had quit collecting USA new issues because of the post office policies in regard to issuing new stamps. E-mails have cut into the 1st class letters, commercial stuff is prepaid printed on the envelopes, packages are so expensive and variable in shipping costs they use printed labels. No wonder the US post office is literally going bankrupt.
  5. ScandinavianStamps

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    I think part of the problem is that stamp collecting is a bit too stuck in (or attached to) "collecting as it has always been."

    The upcoming generations don't collect stamps in a way old-timers even remotely recognize. Where the growth comes in stamp collecting... is from "race cars on stamps" and pop culture thematics.

    The "challenge" we face-- that philately faces-- is that we have a large segment of senior philatelists who look at that, shrug and say "Bah, humbug! That's wallpaper, not REAL stamps!" Sorry to be blunt here, but you're not going to catch a lot of 10-year olds (or 30-year olds, for that matter) by showing them flyspecks coming out the the rear end of the kangaroo on Australia number 6.

    I know that may sound brutal... but sometimes I feel like the "greying" segment of the hobby have forgotten what made stamp collecting interesting, fun and exciting for THEM, 60 years ago.

    I like what these people are doing to buck the trend:

    Stamp collecting will be fine. It's just changing and moving. The All China Philatelic Federation (in Beijing, PRC) has 2.1 million members and rapidly growing. Sure, some of those collectors are going to be interested in "the classic way" but most are going to be looking for "bugs on stamps." And I don't mean "flyspecking," in the traditional sense.

    What's my point? Doesn't mean we have to stop collecting "our way." We just have to be aware and mindful that "our way" isn't "their way," and to get new people into stamps, we have to be willing to meet them on "their turf" (interests) not ours.

    Just my $0.02 worth...
  6. Witty1

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    Peter, that's a good .02 worth! But, unfortunately, that is about what stamp collecting is worth. Maybe its worth more in China where I understand it was forbidden by the government for a period of time.

    Good to see the Sequoia Stamp Club is inspiring some interest through events, etc. It's gonna take a lot of this, and hopefully before the "good ole boys" generation starts dying off!

    And BTW, after visiting your stamp collecting blog, I think that Listia web site idea is a fantastic way to generate new interest in an old hobby!

    Now, admittingly, some people collect stamps for fun. Others for the profit. I think the profit motive is more compelling. And it's not much fun when there's no profit!

    Myself, I've moved on from stamp collecting (U.S. Plate blocks) to SILVER coins! Silver is more dynamic! The coins have more substance.

    I've tried to influence my grandkids with stamps but to no avail. They would rather have silver coins! I mean, a 25 cent common U.S. quarter from 1964 is worth over $6 today, melt value! To the contrary, a common U.S. stamp Plate block from 1964 is worth the same 20 cents (face value) and you can't even mail a first class letter for that!

    Profit motive aside, jingling coins just inspire more attention than pieces of sticky paper.
  7. Jay

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    All I can add is that you either love it or not. Obviously your a collector or you wouldn't be here and now is a GREAT time to buy. things will pick back up and you'll be sitting pretty then.
  8. Elza

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    I think that stamp collecting has gone the same way as collecting vintage cars or antique tea cups and saucers.
    There is still something majestic in an restored vintage car and something sweet about taking the time for tea served in a pretty tea cup and saucer. And so, there is still something special about receiving a nice card with a special stamp in the 'snail' mail.

    Stamps depict our history, our culture, our art, our landscape and tell the story of who we are. Stamp collecting may diminish as we have moved into the age of electronic communication, but I don't think it will completely die because postage stamps are a way of preserving and sharing our story.
  9. zararina

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    Been seeing Olympiad stamps and they really look great and worth keeping! So definitely very interesting.
    I think some stamps collectors may not be actively collecting through these years especially in this time of electronics mails. But I think the interest will still remain for many more years to come. ;)
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