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Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Sarahrtw, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Philbeaux

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    Here's a site I've been using........

    An Image Hosting site that is great to just browse around.
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  2. Hochstrasse

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    I found an interesting blog from a revenue collector. I'm not sure whether it's been referenced before, but I'm sure some revenue collectors will find it interesting.
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  4. Hochstrasse

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  5. Hochstrasse

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    I found this link while searching for cork cancel lists, but the site is so much more. I was quite shocked at never stumbling across it before. There is so much there that a broad description is not enough. I saw for instance a place to upload a stamp image and get a color analysis. I haven't as yet tried it, but I intend to give it a shot. The index of cancellations alone makes it worth bookmarking.
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