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    Rahel Hirsch (1870-1953) was the first woman to achieve in 1913
    the title of a professor for medicine in Prussia.
    She had studied education and worked as a teacher,but felt not fulfilled
    by that profession.She began to study medicine,first in Zürich,later in
    Leipzig and Strassburg.She became a doctor in 1903.She went into
    research at the Charité in Berlin and opened a surgery as well.
    When she could not further progress in the academic world,she
    left the Charité and concentrated on her surgery in the best location
    of Berlin,the Kufürsten-Damm.
    After the Nazis took over,she was,because she was jewish,only allowed
    to treat Jews.She gave up in 1938 and emigrated to London.
    In Britain her diplomas were not recognized,so she had to make a
    living as a laboratory assistant and as a translator.
    She died in a mental institution in 1953.
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