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  1. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 908.jpg


    30 Pfg. Friederike Caroline Neuber 1697-1760 in Medea (tragedy by Euripides)
    40 Pfg. Sophie Schröder 1781-1868 in Sappho (tragedy by Franz Grillparzer)
    50 Pfg. Louise Dumont 1862-1932 in Hedda Gabler (tragedy by
    Henrik Ibsen)
    70 Pfg. Hermine Körner 1882-1960 in Macbeth (tragedy by William Shakespeare)

    issued Nov.16th,1976

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  2. Cappy

    Cappy New Member

    I took the pictures of my Famous Women stamps with my cell phone. How do you all get your photos so crisp and clear, and large? Mine look a little blurry.
  3. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    I use a HP DeskJet printer/scanner/copier.
    I bought it in Paraguay for around Gs.300.000.-,
    equivalent to about US-$ 60.-.
    Similar ones maybe even cheaper in the US.
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  4. Cappy

    Cappy New Member

    Thank you Werner; I just might look into that.
  5. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator


    WalMart has printers/scanners/photocopiers all-in-one for less than $50. Good enough quality for posting on forums like this one.

  6. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1001.jpg
    issued Feb.14th,1979

    Agnes Miegel 1879-1964,poet

    I read a little bit about Agnes Miegel:
    As it turned out,the above stamp is very typical for postwar
    Agnes Miegel was from Eastern-Prussia.She was member of several openly anti-democratic right-wing groups.
    When the Nazis came to power and removed all dissidents,like
    Thomas Mann and others,from the writers association,she and
    likeminded replaced them.She was a ardent outspoken admirer of Hitler,but did not join the NSDAP before 1940.
    She never wavered or renounced her belive in the Nazi-ideology,even after the lost war.

    In post-war West-Germany,with the fear of communisn during the
    "cold war",former Nazis were hardly ever prosecuted.
    First the Western Allies and later the west-german government
    were aware,that it was not possible to run the country without the
    former Nazis.
    As far as I remember,except of one communist,I never met a person
    of my father´s generation (he was born 1914),who was not a
    convinced Nazi-follower.So even some of the most powerful men,
    including one Bundeskanzler,were former middle-ranking Nazis.
    This changed slowly in the 1970th and 1980th.
    Today it would be not possible to issue a commemorative stamp for
    Agnes Miegel.Schools,streets,librarys etc. what were named after her,have been renamed.Her poems have been removed from
    school-books and she is shunned by publishing houses.
    Well by most.But she is still revered by the Far Right.
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  7. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    Very interesting account Werner. Isn't the removal of her name and work from the public view pretty much what the Nazis did with Jews and their work? What goes around comes around.

    Another interesting statement. What we get in our news media, entertainment from Hollywood, and political rhetoric is that few Germans supported the Nazis, and most all of the rank and file were silently against Nazi government. This perspective appears to be not the case. Reminds me of the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump. They won their election handily, but it is now difficult to find anyone who voted for them. Maybe the Russians elected them! :) LOL

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  8. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    I think the difference was: the jews did nothing to be ashamed of,
    but the Nazi-regime did a lot of horrible crimes.And if Agnes Miegel
    did not waver in her admiration of Hitler after the war,she really was
    quite weird ! Nearly all Germans and especially those from Austria,
    were of course against the Nazis... after the lost war.
    There is a nice small book by Knut Hamsun,the great Norwegian
    author: "On Overgrown Paths".
    There he writes about his admiration of Hitler and Nazi-Germany,
    what for he was put on trial after the war.
    In Overgrown Paths he writes (no wordly citation):
    of course I know better now,I am no fool
    But Miegel did not know better...
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  9. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1013.jpg
    Anne (Anneliese Marie) Frank was born 1929 in Frankfurt.
    When the Nazis came to power,the family moved to Amsterdam,
    because they were jewish.Anne went to a dutch school,so her
    language became Dutch.
    The Netherlands were occupied by german troops in 1940.
    When in 1941 the mass-deportations and killings of Jews started,
    the Frank family was in great danger.They had applied for visas
    for Cuba and the USA,but had been rejected.
    On July 6th,1942 they went into hiding.Few days before on her
    13th birthday Anne received a diary as a present.On the same
    day she started writing her diary.All the time during her hiding,
    she wrote on.
    On August 4th,1944 the Gestapo arrested them,after their
    hidingplace had been betrayed.It is not known who the
    informer was.
    The family was sent to Auschwitz.Later Anne and her sister were
    moved to Bergen-Belsen KZ.
    Both sisters died from malnutrition and illness in February or
    March 1945.
    Only Anne´s father survived and he could publish Anne´s diary.

    Stamp issued May 17th,1979,commemorating Anne´s 50th birth anniversary.
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  10. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    Beautiful young lady...such a sad story.
  11. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1018.jpg

    Hildegard von Bingen 1098-1179 was a benedictine nun and abbes.
    She was an important composer of lithurgical songs.
    She also was a poet and a polymath.
    She was a mystic,who founded her teachings on her visions.
    When she still was alive,she already was revered by many as a saint.
    In 2012 she was named a "doctor eclesia universalis"
    (doctor of the church) by pope Benedict XVI.
    stamp issued Aug.9th,1979
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  12. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1057.jpg
    Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830 - 1916)
    She was born as Marie Dubský von Trebomyslice on her ancestral
    castle Zdislawitz near Znaim (today Czech Republic),where she
    used to spend the summers,while living in Vienna for most of the
    In 1856 she moved to Vienna permanently.There she served an apprenticeship as a watch-maker.Quite unusual for a woman of
    her class.
    In later years one of her most successful novels was titled
    "Die Uhrmacherin" (the watchmaker/female)
    In 1848 she married Moritz von Ebner-Eschenbach,a military
    inventor and author,who later rose to the rank of a
    Marshall-Lieutenant,eqivalent today to a three-stars-general.
    From her early youth she was supported by her parents in her
    aim to become an author.
    But it took a long time (1880),till she had her breakthrough with
    the novel "Krambambuli".A story about the fate of a dog.
    From then on she possibly was the leading german female author.
    She never had to write for earning money,but lived the life of a
    wealthy nobel woman.
    In 1916 she died in Vienna,but was buried in the grave-yard at
    Zdislawitz castel.

    Stamp issued Aug.14th,1980,commemorating Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach´s 150th birth-anniversary.
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  13. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1082.jpg

    Elly Heuss-Knapp 1881-1952,was a philologist and politician.
    During the Nazi-rule,when her husband was barred from being a
    university teacher, - he later (1949-1959) would become the first
    president of West-Germany -,she earned the family-income with
    radio commercials.During that time she was also active in the
    non-Nazi-conformist protestant movement.
    After the war she became a member of the parliament in
    In 1950 she was the co-founder of the "Müttergenesungswerk",
    a charity to help mothers in need to recuperate.
    stamp issued Jan.15th,1981
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  14. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1162 1352.jpg

    Edith Stein was born 1891 in a jewish-orthodox family in Breslau
    (today Wroclaw/Poland) in Silesia.
    She studied philosophy,psychology,history,germanistic and philology.
    She was active in all those fields,as well as in working for women´s rights.Because for being a woman,she could not qualify as an
    In 1922 she converted to Catholicism.
    She worked in different colleges,but was a productive author as well.
    A compilation of her works,in 28 volumes,was finally published in
    2014.Most of her books deal with philosophical problems,often in
    connection with religion.
    In 1933 she became a Carmelite nun.
    In 1938 she and her older sister Rosa,who was also a nun,moved
    to a monastery in the Netherlands.
    When Germany invaded Holland in WW II,the Carmelites under-
    estimated the danger for jews and did not move both sisters
    to Switzerland in time.
    On August 2nd,1942 the sisters were rounded up and sent to Auschwitz,where they were murdered on Aug.9th.
    Edith Stein always saw herself as jewish woman of catholic faith.
    She knew what being jewish meant in Nazi-Germany and accepted
    her fate as the will of god.
    She was canonized in 1998.

    stamps issued Jan.13th,1983 and Jan 14th,1988;
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  15. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1301.jpg
    Mary Wigman 1886-1973,born as Karoline Sofie Marie Wiegmann
    in Hannover,was a dancer,choreographer and dancing teacher.
    After finishing her studies in classical dancing,she performed
    first time as a solo dancer in 1917.
    She promoted her rhythmic expressive dancing style,
    called "New German Dance".
    In 1920 she opened a dancing academy in Dresden.
    Later dependencies were established in a number of cities.
    One of the biggest in New York.
    She had her last solo performance in 1942,but was active as choreographer and teacher till old age.

    stamp issued Nov.13th,1986
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  16. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1398.jpg

    Queen Nefertiti (Nofretete) 1370-1338 b.C.(?) was the spouse of King Amenophis IV or Echnataon of the 18th dynasty.
    The translation of Neferiti is: "The Beautiful has come"
    She was a poweful woman and is thought to have been
    a co-regent of the king.
    The bust of painted limestone is the most popular piece of
    Egytian Art in Germany.

    definitives,issued July 14th,1988 (70 Pfg) and Jan 12th,1989 (20 Pfg.)
    Same stamps were also issued with the additional inscription Berlin for Western Berlin.
    Slight differences in colouring exist.

    Frauen Bund 2975 2.jpg
    Less stylized,issued Jan.2nd,2013 and was issued self-adhesive on
    March 1st,2013
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  17. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1483.jpg Käthe (Katharina) Dorsch 1890-1957 was a german theatre- and
    film-actress and operetta-soubrette.
    stamp issued Nov.6th,1990
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  18. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1572.jpg
    Anita Berber,born in Leipzig 1899,died in Berlin from tuberculosis 1928.
    She never would have made it to be commemorated by a stamp in Germany,if she had not been painted by Otto Dix.
    She was a variety-show dancer,self-performer and a film-actress.
    She did not mind to prostitute herself,when she needed money.
    She was married three times,had several affairs with men and women.She hit the bourgeois morality right into the face.
    Her dances were called obscene and she was heavy on drugs.
    But she was also regarded by many of the cultural elite,
    as an impersonation of the Berlin of the 1920th.
    In 1928 he had a breakdown during a show in Damascus,
    returned to Germany and died a few months later.
    By the way:
    She claimed that she was modelling completely naked,
    when Otto Dix painted her as the Lady in Red.
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  19. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1575.jpg
    100th birth anniversary of Nelly Sachs,issued Nov.5th,1991.
    See post #21.
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  20. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Frauen D 1854.jpg 80 Pfg.
    Paula Modersohn-Becker 1876-1907 was an early
    expressionist german painter.
    She died of embolism,shortly after the birth of her first child.

    100 Pfg.
    Käthe Kollwitz 1867-1945 graphic artist,sculptor and painter.
    She was one of the most important german expressionists.
    She was political engaged as a pacifist and socialist.
    Many of her works have a politcal message.

    stamps issued May 3rd,1996
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