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  1. Primoz

    Primoz topical colector

    Hi, I am topical stamp colector from Slovenia.
    I colect famous women (not queens, princesses, simbolic women), women with name.
    But only from european countries. My second interest is "scripts". I collect scripts, writing systems like: Egyptian hieroglyphics,cuneiform, cyrilic, Greek alphabet.....
    I am interesting in exchange stamps, covers, post-marks, stamps of my interest. I offers stamps fom my country SLovenia.
    Visit my site: http://www2.arnes.si/~bcebul/index.htm
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  2. inkersohu

    inkersohu Member

    Are you collecting only Europeans of well-known women or well-known women stamp from European countries? I have some famous women and scripts stamps. I want to swap some Slovenia's stamps. You can contact me by email. I will show you some pictures.
    My mail address:

    My favourite:
    1.vehicle(such as car, ship, plane, train);
    3.cartoon(Tintin is my favorite);
    5.special shape(such as triangle, circle, star);
    6.weapon(fighter, tank, warship);
    8.beautiful flower;
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