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Discussion in 'Trades' started by Werner Salentin, May 9, 2014.

  1. Werner Salentin

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    It took me a few days to realize,that this forum is originated in the UK and not in the USA.
    So I now list up all countries,I collect and for what I need exchange partners:
    all used only !
    U.K.: regulars only,regionals as well,but no Channel Isd.,I.O.M.,etc
    France: regulars and few selected commemoratives.
    Finland: regulars and few selected commemoratives
    Denmark: regulars and most engraved commemoratives
    Sweden: regulars and most engraved commemoratives
    Netherlands: regulars only
    Italy: regulars and scenic commemoratives
    Spain: regulars and scenic commemoratives
    CS(S)R : regulars and scenic commemoratives
    Ireland: commemoratives mostly from 1982 till 1988
    Australia: pre-decimals and few others
    Canada: regulars and engraved commemoratives
    New Zealand: pre-decimals and engraved commemoratives
    USA: regulars and selected commemoratives
    (regulars include service-,postage due- and other back of the book stamps)
    I can give:
    Germany (Federal Republic,some mint,but mostly used, many West-Berlin,some
    Reich and others)
    Austria mainly of the sixties and seventies more mint than used,but also some older
    Furthermore I can give many USA mint and used,some UNO,Liechtenstein and others
    this and that.(like U.K. commemoratives and Machins f.i.)
    For better items,I can also give Fauna/Flora thematics.
    I have wantlists for all countries,I need.
    However I can give according to your wantlist or,if you prefere it differently,the
    way you want.Except of sending approvals.
    Sounds a lot of countries,I am interested in,but this is the smaller part of my
    collections only.I mainly collect asian countries.(not availiable for exchange)

    My e-mail address:
  2. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Sorry but the forum originates in the US of A :) the owner is American and I am British :)
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