Eight Book Stamps - Need Value - Book 1

Discussion in 'What's it Worth?' started by manystamps, Nov 26, 2019.

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    I recently came across several boxes of stamps and need help identifying the value of them

    The pictures attached are just a sample of what I have.. There are eight books, most pictures below are from the first book (there's more pictures but I can only ten at a time). Thanks in advance

    20191125_203716.jpg 20191125_203728.jpg 20191125_203748.jpg 20191125_203805.jpg 20191125_203817.jpg 20191125_203833.jpg 20191125_203857.jpg 20191125_203947.jpg 20191125_204006.jpg 20191125_204022.jpg
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    Hi manystamps!
    The answer is difficult to give. Loose stamps, unorganized stamps have the least value of any philatelic grouping. Organizing, identifying and mounting stamps into useful collections is time consuming. So the value differs from person to person. To a dealer the value would be minimal, to a worldwide collector perhaps a bit more. Here is a link that will give you a little insight into "value".
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    I take it you are NOT a collector so the first thought is $$$$
    Although individually you did not win the lottery many of the stamps shown are from the early 1900's which makes them worthwhile to specific collectors. The other factor is that you have some nice sets which are always difficult to find if not expensive.
    So with a lot of work identifying them, sorting them into lots, setting up the required accounts on a website (one dedicated to stamps only not the Bay) you might end up eventually with a few $$. or take them to a local stamp club to have them evaluated and sold there.
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