Early New Zealand stamps

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  1. Baker J

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    Hi all! I was going through some folders of stuff and I found this paper with these New Zealand stamps hinged to it. Does anyone know of any good resources that would help ID the postal cancels on these stamps? I thank you in advance. New Zealand early stamps snip.JPG
  2. Baker J

    Baker J Member

    I tried to break the image up and resize the sections so you could click on them. New Zealand early stamps 1.jpg New Zealand early stamps 2.jpg New Zealand early stamps 3.jpg
  3. Hochstrasse

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    Hi Baker J,
    I wasn't able to find an online source, but I noted a response on StampBoards where a book by Richard Wooders was referenced, "NZ Post Offices Cancellation and Postmark Guide". There is a 1990 and a 1998 version I have seen online. The book isn't cheap (probably because it is out of print). The best bet would be to see if there is a loaner available at the APS library or a philatelic library. Good luck on that.
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  4. Baker J

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    Thank you! I will see what they have to offer.
  5. Takis Kalogerakos

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  6. Werner Salentin

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    Michel mentions the Dunedin perf.13 stamps,as privatly made on
    order of the Dunedin postmaster.
    Michel gives 40 cat.nos to the Chalons,while my old S.G. lists 142 !
    A mine-field for ordinary collectors,heaven to specialsts.
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