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  3. Steve Robinson

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    1858 2d Blue plate 6 Die III The plate number is visable in the decrotive scrollin on both edges
    View attachment 95

    1864 1d Red plate 73 Die III
    View attachment 96

    The new half penny value (1/2d) was introduces because of reduction to 1/2d in the basic rate for postage payable on newspapers, printed matter (book post). Patterns and samples.
    1870 half Penny
    View attachment 97
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  4. Steve Robinson

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  5. kacyds

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    Very nice stamps!!!! :cool:
  6. Steve Robinson

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    View attachment 99 All diffrent plate numberd penny reds Including some early Perfins
  7. Steve Robinson

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  8. Steve Robinson

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    After this period we start to move into a much more colourful era LOL
  9. steve logan

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    What would you want for the penny reds with different plates, i have a mass of these as well with many plate number, would you be able to let me know what the plate numbers are, and if you like what plate numbers you need to complete your collection if you collect GB stamps that is, or what else you would be looking for in their place.

    i bet there is no plate 77 though, i would love that with a cat val of £140k lol
  10. Steve Robinson

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    Hi Steve at the moment I have about 200 that I have to go through and number LOL today picked up about 60+ diffrent BC to add to my collections as well LOL
  11. Jay

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    These are my Mourning covers that wear my Penny Red's Is anyone here familiar with any of these towns? What can you tell me about these Penny Reds? Thank you. ~Jay



    close-up of Penny Reds
    plate #78

    plate #200
  12. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Well lets see Redruth is in Cornwall and Newton Abbot is in Devon
    Bristol was once one of the major ports in the country and Exeter is also in Devon

    Not sure what you want to know about them :)

    1d Red was printed by Perkins Bacon & Co, they printed around 21 Billion of them

    The stamp has a profile of 15-year-old Princess Victoria. The head was engraved by Charles and Fredrick Heath based on a sketch provided by Henry Corbould. Corbould's sketch was based on the cameo-like head by William Wyon (same design as the 1d Black & 2d Blue)

    Both of the 1d red's have plate numbers the top one is I think 178 and the lower is 200 They were initialy issed imperf and many used the same plates as the 1d Black In 1854 perfs were officialy adopted
    Each stamp has unique corner letters AA, AB, AC etc, so its position on the plate can be identified. The stamps were printed in sheets of 240 (20 rows of 12 stamps), so one row cost 1 shilling (1/-) and a complete sheet one pound (£1)
    In 1855 perfs were reduced from 16 to 14 to stop the sheets breaking up as easily and they had a large crown watermark with 2 vertical lines in the center part of the crown.
    From the 1st of April 1864 they were issued with plate numbers and I think it is around 400 diffrent plates that were used, the most elusive and expensive is plate number 77
    The last 1d Reds were printed in 1879 and were followed by the 1d Venitian red printed by De La Rue

    Hope this helps
  13. Sam B

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    Nice stamps...I don't know anything about them but i like them all
  14. zararina

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    I also like them. Older stamps are really amazing. ;)
  15. kacyds

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    Never heard of Mourning Covers before now. Did some research on the internet. Learn something everyday, and you can teach an old dog new tricks. lol
  16. firstguild

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    Morning covers were extremely prevelant in the Great Britain in the Victorian Era. Because Queen Victoria went into extreme morning for her husband Prince Albert when he died in 1861, it became a fashion. Even children were dressed in deep morning. There were very strict rules, and everyone who wanted to be accepted into the community had to follow them. Envelopes would have back around them, handkerchiefs would have black boarders, even the material you made your dresses out of was dictated by the rules. There were stores in London which became huge money makers, who specialized in morning, and undertaker's flourished!
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  17. desertgem

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    And also mourning jewelry, made mostly of Jet ( fossilized coal), onyx, black glass, and even hairwork ( woven black hair into rings bracelets, or necklaces ). In its prime years, GB imported over 40 tons of black human hair :)

  18. Steve Robinson

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    The use of Jet for jewelry still goes on today and the main place for it is still the same as in the Victorian era Whitby (also featured in in Bram Stokers novel Dracula :eek: ) It has been mined there since before the Romans arrived in the UK for a prolonged holliday :D The black mineraloid jet, is the fossilised remains of the monkey-puzzle tree and is found locally in the cliffs and on the moors
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  19. ratio411

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    Was it possible to get the letters 'D' and 'H' in the corners of any of the reds or blacks?
    I heard people that only collect one of each try to get one with their intitials.
    Ever heard of that?
  20. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    I would imagine that you could find one with a D & H if you looked hard enough LOL
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