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    From what I've read these have a bit of value to them. How much, I do not know? They are both Argentina. One is 1858 First Federal stamp with a black cancel (I'm guessing) "Franca"? I found a very good site to compare for forgeries and this most certainly is not, however, not sure what to make of the cancel. Have never seen one like so. The other one I do not know too much about.

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    I can't give you any information about catalogue detail, but I will say that I concur with you that the stamp appears legit and not a forgery. I compared it to online examples. The second stamp I could only find crude forgeries of making me think that it also is a legit copy. Maybe Don has more information. I guess at the next stamp show I have to break down and buy a set of old Scott catalogues if the price is right and someone is selling them.
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    Those are my
    Those are my thoughts exactly. I actually have some really old catalogues, some are first prints or issues but I really only consider them as collector items more than anything else. Its amazing to see the prices back then of high value stamps of today.
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    Interesting stamps, as usual.

    My collection of Argentina is limited to a few definitive sets much later than these stamps. I never see Argentina stamps this early in the sources from which I normally buy.

    That said, I can provide some info from the Scott catalog about them. The first stamp appears to be Argentina Sc # 1. Counterfeits and forged cancellations abound. Makes sense as a used #1 is valued much higher than an unused example.

    The other stamp is the better of the two, value wise. There are three varieties of this stamp: 1. The 'C' in centavos is broad and there is an accent over the 'U' in Republica. 2. The 'C' is broad, but there is no accent over the 'U.' 3. The 'C' is narrow and there is no accent over the 'U.'

    The 'C' in centavos on your stamp looks narrow to me and there is no accent over the 'U' on your stamp, so it appears you have type 3, which is Sc # 7H and has a nice high, catalog value. Counterfeits, however, are supposedly plentiful. The catalog value for an unused 7H in the newest catalog I have (1999) is $160.00

    If possible try to compare it to others of the same design (Sc #'s 5 or 5C) to be sure it is the 3rd type. It would take someone expert in Argentina stamps to declare it authentic, however. I certainly am not that person.

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    That's great. Don't, thank you for that info. I'll give I'll give the 7H a good look-over.
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