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    As a kid playing drums was one of my passions along with chess and stamp collecting. I got about as good as possible lacking any real talent. But I was a little OC about it - often practicing a piece 20-30 times after I already had it down. My solo was Downfall of Paris and it kept me in first chair from 8th to 12th grade when I was beaten out my a new kid in school. I promptly quit band and took German instead.

    I originally wanted to play the saxophone but we couldn't afford one. My Mom said all we could afford was a practice pad and sticks, so that was that! My aunt eventually bought me a top-of-the-line set.

    Still, there were some perks - like being the drummer for the junior high school girls gymnastics team. :rolleyes:

    My ATF drummer is Gene Krupa, followed by Joe Morello and then Buddy Rich.



    Anyone here play an instrument when they were in school?
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    Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer. Half of the 'Engine Room' along with Keith Richards. Really, quite a fine drummer. There were some excellent drummers in the rock n' roll groups of the 60s and 70s. I'm skeptical of the modern drummers who require a 15-piece kit and a dozen cymbals.

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