Dominica 1963 14c Type I vs. Type II - Help!

Discussion in 'World Stamps' started by Dick Eassom, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Dick Eassom

    Dick Eassom New Member

    Does anyone know the difference between the Dominica 1963-67 14c Type I (Scott 171) and Type II (Scott 171a) variants? My Googling has failed to find an answer.

    I did find one seller on eBay, wacl2, offering both variants (here), but I honestly can't tell the difference, even in the zoomed-in images:


    StampWorld shows variants for several values (4c, 6c, 8c, 10c, and 14c) in this definitive series (here) but without explanation. Colnect does not specify variants (which it normally does if they exist). Help!
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  2. Molokai

    Molokai Well-Known Member

    Just guessing...the shadowing above the eye on the woman in the dress looks a bit different? James or Werner will know.
  3. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    I cannot see any real difference either... on the scans,that is.

    Scott: Type I 173a Mountain light violett.Girls eyes look straight out.
    Type II 173 Mountain blue.Eyes look sideways.

    Michel does not mention the eyes,but is the same about the
    mountain´s colours.
    I hope this will help.
  4. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, I can only add a little to this debate, the colours of these two stamps are certainly different, the eyes to me also look different and the leaves on the flowers also differ. When I get back to the UK next week I will check my SG catalogue to see if there is anything else.
    Possible rotated or inverted watermarks, phosphers or chalk surfaced etc.


    Regards, James.
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  5. Molokai

    Molokai Well-Known Member

    A mystery! On the left stamp there is white in the lady's left eye; on the right, none and the appearance is fuzzier.
  6. H. G. Golightly

    H. G. Golightly Active Member

    Hi Group,
    2017 Gibbons Catalogue notes on the 14¢ value:
    Type I Eyes of model looking straight ahead.
    Type II Eyes of model looking to her right.

    Hi james,
    Now you will not have to travel back to GB to solve the mystery..LOL!
  7. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    James´ scans are very good.
    The left stamp is Type I,the right Type II.
    My not so brandnew S.G. mentions the eyes only and not the
    different colours of the mountain.
    On the right stamp the yellow colour is shifted upwards by nearly
    one millimeter,so that the leaves appear to be different.But that is
    just accidental.
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  8. Dick Eassom

    Dick Eassom New Member

    Thank you everyone! I suppose the "eyes" have it!

    I asked since I just ordered a full set of this issue to fill a gap in my post-KGV Dominica collection from eBay. The purchase includes both 14c stamps, and I wanted to make sure I knew which was which!

    FYI, I have ascertained that the stamp is based on a March 1961 photograph (below) with the inscription "Edith Bellot wearing the traditional costume of Dominica, based on French eighteenth century fashion". British official photograph taken for the Central Office of Information. (Per Wikimedia Commons.)

    Note that she is looking to the right, per stamp Type II!

  9. Molokai

    Molokai Well-Known Member

    Lovely gal! :) I guess that's why I saw white in one eye...looking to her right.
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