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    I was looking in the Scott catalog for this proof and cannot find the exact stamp. It is a 41P 3 cent Scarlet, 1857-60 issue. It is printed on a heavy gummed paper. The paper is not as thick as a card but it is not India paper either. It feels like a heavy bond or white wove paper. The gum appears to be original (in my opinion) there is no gum bleed on the edges of the stamp and the gum is lightly cracked like original gum is from this age. It has a small inclusion in the hair above the ear. Any ideas?

    11 proof.jpg
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    Hi Parks916!
    I found a comment on another site you may wish to peruse. One of the contributors comments that "Small die proofs start out as large die proofs, but were intended to be delivered in a significantly reduced size, and most were NOT printed on India paper." Perhaps that is what you have. I have a few proofs but am not an expert in any way. My first instinct was that what you have may be a small die proof. I'm interested to hear what other members have to say.

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    Thank you the comments on the other site were very useful and interesting.
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