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  1. Robert Dragone

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    As the title mentions, I have an Item, that I need some information on. It was the first philatelic collection authorized by the Deutsche Museum of West Germany, for the Franklin Mint. "The History of Science and Invention Mint Stamp Collection". Here's my query; only 15,000 were made for a world-wide distribution. I can find no information about the amount of cards (they are similar too a postcard size first-day-issue) in the collection. I have seen advertisements for separate cards from $5-$20. Good for me and this (alleged) full collection. I have 108 cards. Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated......
  2. DonSellos

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    I have not seen nor heard of this collection. Would you post some of your cards? I'd like to see them.

  3. Harry Golightly

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  4. anglobob

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    Not wishing to be a sour puss but I stay well away from anything connected with Franklin Mint.Items are often sold at inflated prices with the promise of potential gains....and are usually not worth much.
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    Not sure if $48 is a good or poor price, but it sold and that is encouraging.

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