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    Hello everybody
    İ am a turkish stamp collector and i would like to swap used stamps with you . I have used stamps collections of many countries of europe and turkey and i would like to exchange my doubles with other stamps that i need. İ can exchange either by lots of 100 or 200 stamps or on catalog basis. I use Yert catalog for my French stamps collections and Michel catalog for all the other collections such as Germany ( German Reich, Berlin, DDR and Deutsche Bundespost) Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, among others. I can also provide first day covers and circulated covers for some countries like the Netherlands Germany. On the other hand i can send you also Turkish used stamps with above mentioned terms and conditions.
    As i introduce myself to you may name is İsmail Toksabay, I am 69 years old, and i collect all the european stamps' collections till 54 years . I was 15 years old when i've made my first submission to the local philatelic circle in Izmir / Turkey. Actually i live in Datca (a small town on the Mediterrannean Sea at the southwest end of Turkey)
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    Welcome to the Exchange, Ismail. I am not a trader, but there are others on the Exchange who are. I expect you will hear from them soon.

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