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Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Rick 2, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Rick 2

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    Good morning all ! I have this cover that is kinda strange....see below. I am really wondering if this passed through a PO or if it was designed by someone with access to canceling equipment.....maybe the Postal worker made it? Diff countrys.jpg
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    Hi Rick:

    What an interesting cover. It is a typical philatelic cover of the early 1930s commemorating the dedication of the Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce sponsored the cover. Chambers of commerce and cover collectors commemorated most any and all events in the 1930s.

    What makes this cover a little unusual and interesting is the addition of foreign postage stamps. The 2 cents George Washington stamp from the 1932 Washington Bicentennial set paid the postage and the foreign stamps are decoration. From left to right, I identify them as the 1 auksinas Lithuanian stamp of 1919, Sc. 37; a Danzig official stamp of 1923, Sc. 38, and Russia, 100 rubles, 1921, Sc. 181, all minimum value.

    There was probably a news item in one or several philatelic magazines/papers of early 1932 announcing the availability of the cover and instructions on how to get one. My guess is the addressee placed the stamps on a self-addressed envelope, sent it to the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce asking that they place the cachet on it, and post it.

    It looks to me like the four-bar hand stamp was the first cancel, but it missed the 2c Washington and a dutiful postal clerk ran the cover through a canceling machine to cancel the U.S. postage. I think it probably went through the mail and was delivered to Mr. Park in Lansing.

    As an aside, Kenneth C. Park has a listing in the 1938 Blue Book of Philately and is identified as a newspaper editor (probably of the State Journal) and a collector of U.S. and Canadian stamps.

    Thanks for posting it.

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  3. Rick 2

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    Many thanks DonSellos !! So it was probably a "homemade-up" philatelic cover considering the foreign stamps and Mr Park's collector status...I wonder if he had Masonic connections also. Maybe a Masonic member might be able to access member rolls and find out for me?? (Hint hint to any out there...) Strange selection of stamps......more questions....
  4. Hochstrasse

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    Rick 2,
    The first class postage rate between July 1, 1919 till July 6, 1932 was 2 cents. The red 2c Washington Bicentennial stamp paid the rate and the other stamps Don mentioned was of course superfluous. The flyer cancel indicates to me that it did indeed go through the mails.
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  5. Rick 2

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    Thank you Hochstrasse......its a keeper for sure!
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