Cuban revenues......maybe?

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    Hi all. I am going through some new material and I found these Cuban stamps. Does anyone know where I can find any info on these? I do not have a book with Cuba in it. Any and all input is appreciated. I thank you in advance.

    NOTE: GIRO means.... General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO) is an automated electronic payment service which allows you to make monthly payment to the billing organization (BO) from your bank account directly. The amount will be deducted from your DBS or POSB account and paid to your BO every month, upon the BO's request.
    That is today's meaning of it. I am guessing it was a similar way of doing business back in the 1800's/1900's, but you had to contact the bank to make the payment for you..... Not sure how it worked. CUBA REVENUE SNIP 1.JPG CUBA REVENUE SNIP 2.JPG CUBA REVENUE SNIP 3.JPG
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    I am more interested in finding a Cat. Number than anything else.
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    Hi Baker J,
    Apparently these GIRO's are similar to other Spanish colonies of late 19th century. I was looking at the Philippine GIRO stamps and Porto Rico GIRO's noticing the similarity. Anyway, I found an old "Catalogue prix-courant de timbres fiscaux" on the Internet Archive circa 1915. It's an old Forbin catalog which is a revenue catalog. I found the Cuban GIRO stamps on page 336. While the values are irrelevant Forbin seems to be the numbering system I noticed sellers using on Ebay for these GIRO's. The same way people preface a stamp number with "Scott" prefacing with Forbin should identify the stamp precisely. By the way the 1915 Forbin is the 3rd and final edition of the catalog. There is another catalog for such stamps: Specialized catalog-handbook of the revenue stamps of Cuba by William McP Jones. I couldn't tell you about its numbering system. It is also out of print.
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    Thank you for that link! I see why I never found it in the Forbin. I did not realize there was a 3rd edition. I was sent to Stamp Smarter, to their catalogue section. It has parts A and B listed there and I was unable to find them. I really appreciate the assistance..... Thank you kindly!
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    Hi. I am an Specialized Cuban Revenue Collector
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