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  1. Werner Salentin

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    K Ö S1789.jpg
    Johann Strauss Sohn (J.S.the younger) 1825-1899,see post #13

    K Ö S1790.jpg
    Jojann Strauss Vater (J.S.the elder) 1804-1849,see post #17
    stamps issued June 4th,1999;
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  2. Werner Salentin

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    K D 234.jpg
    Robert Schumann,born in 1810 in Zwickau,Saxony.
    Highly gifted,he composed his first works for piano as a child,before
    he learned to play.Not sure,wether to become a musician or a poet,
    he decided in favour of music at the age of 20.He trained to become
    a professional piano-virtuoso,but had to give up,because of
    problems with his right hand.
    But at first,following the wishes of his mother,he studied law,but
    not for long.He worked as a conductor and musical journalist
    and critic,but spent most of his time composing.
    He is best described as a romantic composer.His works embrace
    all kinds of compositions,except of operas.
    In 1840 he married Clara Wiek (against the will of her father,who
    was his former teacher),who at the age of 21 was already a
    celebrated international concert-piano player.He was always
    regarded as the husband at the side of this famous performer.
    From 1840 till 1854 they had 8 children.
    1850 the Schumanns left Saxony for Düsseldorf,where Schuman
    was appointed as Musical Director.
    However Schumann had lots difficulties with the musicians in the
    orchestra and chorus,what became worse,when his mental health
    deteriorated.In 1854 he entered on his own will a mental
    sanatorium in Endenich,near Bonn.He got worse and worse and
    died there in 1856.
    The above stamp was issued on July 28th,1956,commemorating
    Schumann´s 100th death anniversary.

    K D 234A.jpg
    The GDR issued a set of two on July 20th,1956 for the same
    However a little mishap occured: the notes in the background were
    that of a composition by Franz Schubert (Wanderer´s Nachtlied) !
    The stamps were withdrawn from sale on July 23rd,and were
    declared to become invalid on Sept.30th,1956.

    On Oct.8th,1956 the lower set was issued,now with notes from
    Schumann ("Mondnacht",set to music poem of Joseph v.Eichendorff).

    Both sets were printed in the same quantities: 1 mill.of the 10 Pfg.
    and 5 mill. of the 20 Pfg.-value.
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    Very interesting; thanks!
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    Second Molokai's remarks.

  5. Werner Salentin

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    K D 253.jpg

    Paul Gerhardt (1607- 1676) was a Lutheran pastor,theologian,poet
    and composer of hymns.
    Born in Gräfenhainichen near Wittenberg,where he later studied at
    the university theology and philosophy.
    He is regarded as one of the most eminent composers of hymns of
    Germany.His hymns are found in hymn-books of many countries.
    Even in catholic books.
    Several of his hymns were incorporated into his compositions by Bach.
    Stamp issued,commemorating Gerhardt´s 350th birth-anniversary
    on May 18th,1957.

    Two more stamps were issued in Germany:
    K D 253.893.2592.jpg
    Issued commemorating his 300th death-anniversary on May 13th,1976 and celebrating his 400th birth-anniversary on March 1st,2007.
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  6. Werner Salentin

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    K D 319a.jpg
    Issued for the opening of the ( 3rd) "Beetvoven Halle" (concert hall)
    in Bonn (birthplace of Beethoven and capital of West-Germany) the
    above souvenir sheet was issued on Sept.8th,1959.
    It happened in the hey-days of stamp-collecting in Germany and
    so the s.s. with a print of 4.771.000 was sold out in less than one week.
    In mint n.h. condition the s.s. sell for about 50% of used (c.t.o.).
    For postally used there is no premium,as 100% were used philatelicly.
    The notes show an autograph of Beethoven´s 9th symphony,the chorus
    of the 4th set,"Ode an die Freude" (ode to joy),what was adopted as
    the anthem of Europe.
    The first "Beethoven Halle" was built as a temporary site for a
    Beethoven-festival in 1845,directed by Franz Liszt.
    1870 a permanent second hall was built,what was destroyed by an
    allied bomb-raid on Oct.18th,1944.
    The new 3rd "Beethoven Halle" was built at a cost of DM 9.5 millions.
    In 1996 it was overhauled and got some more smaller buildings added
    at a cost of DM 22.6 millions.
    After a long debate in 2009/10,wether to demolish the hall and build
    a complete new one,it was finally decided to modernize the hall.
    The projected costs of the works,what began in 2016 were € 60 mill.
    However the latest estimates run up to € 166 mill. or 320 DM
    currency.The reopening is scheduled for the year 2022.
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