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    I moved from Denton, outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, to Massachusetts in 2017. There is a member of the Lincoln Stamp Club who was a clerk on an RPO.

    The post office where I work (Framingham, Mass.) usually has four clerks working the windows, one doing passports, and often another one working the lobby. We are busy and stock all of the current stamps.

    You never know, day to day, what interesting customer mailing requests will come to the window. Framingham is about ten percent Brazilian, so we ship a lot of parcels to Brazil. I lean on Google Translate to help with the Portuguese–English language divide.

    I bought one of those larger plastic storage tubs at Target for large envelopes. If you save enough of them, they'll stand up nicely!
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    This cover came to me from a meeting of the OKC stamp club. I acquired it for the curious corner card. While I have never heard of The Tapir Preservation Fund, it appears to be an authentic non-profit, although no longer located in Palisade, CO. An internet search locates an organization of the same name now in Astoria, Oregon. Also curious is the addressee on this cover, i.e. the Old West Stamp Shop in Denver. It looks like it is still in business, but at a different address and now selling unspecified "collectibles." Ever heard of that or been there @Molokai?


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    That may have been the shop that took over for Dan appears to be the same addy. Perhaps there were two dealers in the building; Denver's version of Nassau Street, LOL. There was also a Dan Brown who was mostly coins but also did some stamps. Perhaps eight-ten active dealers in the 1960s in Metro Denver.

    Old West was Tony 'something' I think.

    'In my day' I did most of my business with the fellow who ran the Penny Black off of Colfax and Wadsworth. Very pleasant man, taught me a lot. Could of cheated me a couple of times, didn't. I took a high dom W-F in to sell that I thought was just XF but it was a legitimate Jumbo and he gave me a fair price. I was a bit of a satcheleer in those days and he was my go-to for identification issues. Good memories.

    Here is what's left in the area:
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    Out of the dealer's dollar box is this 1909 advertising cover from Providence, RI with a backside image. Too bad this one was so roughly opened, but still collectable and destined for my Commercial Covers collection.


    b129.jpg b130.jpg
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    309 Canal Street is now a parking much for a box of crackers for a nickel.
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    Another commercial cover I bought for its illustration. I have not found any evidence that this company is still in Denver, or even what it was in 1959. The only Denver reference I could turn up was one to a Hassco Inc., Hardware that was in business during the 1950s. Seems, though, if this was a Hassco Hardware cover, the word hardware would have been included in the address.

    Better luck with the Rush to the Rockies cachet and illustrations on the reverse. This was a state-wide celebration commemorating the discovery of gold in Colorado in 1859 and the subsequent development of the state. A check on eBay indicates the event produced many souvenir items.


    The reverse:
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    Yes, lots of activities. Duffy's was the local bottled soda company. Real flavors and for a dime. For the celebrations they made a special flavor, sarsaparilla. Guess I would have been in 4th grade.

    Hassco was a hardware company. Long gone.
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