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    Hi all! I found a ringed binder that has some Commemorative Bulletins along with plate blocks. I have looked around for information on them. I have seen a few on e-bay without any stamps going for $2 to $10. My question is..... Is there a price guide or anything out there for them? I thank you in advance. The images below are just an example of what is in the binder. COMMEMORATIVE BULLETIN 1 AND STAMPS SNIP.JPG COMMEMORATIVE BULLETIN 2 AND STAMPS SNIP.JPG COMMEMORATIVE BULLETIN 3 AND STAMPS SNIP.JPG COMMEMORATIVE BULLETIN 4 AND STAMPS SNIP.JPG
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    Hi Baker J,
    I have not heard of a price list for USPOD new issue bulletins. Seems as if these were mailed out as well as being posted in the Post Office lobbies. Whomever obtained these bulletins must have attached plate blocks to them and assembled them in a binder. I guess we could look at these as precursors to the commemorative panels now sold by USPS. Perhaps there are informal lists kept by dealers and collectors I'm not aware of?
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    Thank you! I didn't know anything about them. Learning something new everyday.
  4. AVP

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    Very sure the Dag Hammarskjold's had a color inversion/omission problem back then; believe the white, was at the top. Not exactly sure, but "they" may have printed tens of millions, to reduce the rarity and value for us philatelists. AVP
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    **oops, See Above Reply!** AVP
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