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Discussion in 'Want Lists' started by Huasheng Chen, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Huasheng Chen

    Huasheng Chen New Member

    Hi my friends:
    I am a Chinese philatelist. I hope we can exchange stamps and our experiences of stamps collection. I can offer many sets of Chinese new stamps .I want to exchange whole sets of new stamps (unused stamps) and used stamps . The new sets are the best. I prefer to exchange the stamps of following country‘s:
    USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland

    I hope we can be friends for the same hobby.

    Huasheng Chen
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  2. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Nice to have you here and hope to see some of your Chinese stamps. :)
  3. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Welcome to the forum Huasheng, might be wise to show some pics of what you have to offer in the way of trade :)
  4. wahmbrenda

    wahmbrenda New Member

    Welcome! I love Asian things so I'd definitely love to see what you have to offer :)
  5. hamid darestani

    hamid darestani New Member

  6. TomRalphio

    TomRalphio Member

    This sounds really great. I'll be in touch very soon!
  7. Erich Emmel

    Erich Emmel New Member

    Hi Huasheng,
    I'm from Germany and my interests are stamps,booklets, postcards and gutterpairs from Hong Kong fine used and MNH. I also have some stamps from PR of China and Macau in MNH condition and will these make bigger by time.
    I also collect Malaysia, Dänemark, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Singapore.
    If you interested in an Exchange with me feel free to write to me so that we can Thing about the trade, rules and catalogues etc.
    Erich Emmel
  8. Andrey

    Andrey New Member

    Do you interested in Russia?
  9. Erich Emmel

    Erich Emmel New Member

    OK Huasheng, let's start an Exchange. Let me know your snailmail address and I will send you stamps. Should I send you first a scan of the stamps I'll send to you??? Witch catalogue we will use for the Exchange??
    Regards Erich
  10. Bionicbelly

    Bionicbelly Getting this stamp thing licked

    Hi Huasheng,

    How do you get on with your customs in China? Whenever I have sent stamps to your country the import taxes have been too prohibitive for the collector to pay and receive them ?
  11. Erich Emmel

    Erich Emmel New Member

  12. hamid darestani

    hamid darestani New Member

    I am serious collector , I collect mint stamp from china (2001-2006),Ukraine and Worldwide countries and want to exchange Iranian stamp,Iranian wwf stamp .
    I swap only unused and uncancelled stamp with original gum.
    I don't accept yellowed stamp,hinged stamps,those stamp something written stuck on the back,stamps with brown spots or finger print on the back and the stamps perforation must be totally in good condition.
    Our exchange will be done according to Michel catalogue .
    Address: no.72 ,entrance 3 , block B5 ,shahrak farhangian ,tehranpars ,Tehran ,Iran
    Post code: 1655696119
    Hamid Darestani
  13. darehare

    darehare New Member

    I have lots of Chinese stamps especially of buildings, scenic nature, birds galore, and some of important people or monumental historic events, I would be interested in more birding or nature scenes. In exchange, I have plenty of stamps from Australia, Canada, Japan, and the US. I only have individual stamps from the other countries mentioned. Let me know of your interests, I am enamored with my Australia and Japan stamps due to the detailing and/or whimsical characteristics.
  14. webtexan

    webtexan New Member

    I would be very interested in exchanging stamps with you. I have many nice used stamps from all of the countries you listed. You can see a few of them on my website at and I can also send you additional scans if you would like. My email address is:

    Attached Files:

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  15. ram

    ram Member

    Hello anita, I saw the pictures that you uploaded here, and may I say you have beautiful stamps, and I wondered if you would like to exchange stamps with me?
  16. webtexan

    webtexan New Member

    Thanks for your message here and email. I am always happy to meet new trading friends, so look forward to an exchange with you.
  17. Heroshan Perera

    Heroshan Perera New Member

    Dear Stamp collectors,

    I am Heroshan Perera live in Sri lanka (Ceylon) Beautiful Island. My hobby is collect Stamps, Coins and bank notes i like to exchange Stamps with your stamps please send me the address i can post our country stamps and you can send your stamps too.

    Waiting response from you.
    email Address

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Heroshan Perera
  18. hello, I own these collections if you are interested please contact me,
    Album con foglio di seta, "Precious ...
  19. BettyBoop

    BettyBoop Active Member

    Hi all, anyone wanting to swap for Australian stamps, let me know. I have quite a range of interests, mainly thematics.
  20. Khedges

    Khedges New Member

    I would like to exchange stamps with you. Please send your snail mail address to me and I will send you stamps. I would love some more Chinese stamps. My email is
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