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Discussion in 'What's it Worth?' started by workpath, Dec 29, 2016.

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    Hello Workpath, first welcome to the forum. Where are you based please?

    Your stamps are as follows.

    Country: Vietnam
    Norman R. Morrison, Demonstrators
    Series: Death of Norman R. Morrison
    Catalog codes: Mi:VN 411
    Issued on: 1965-11-22
    Perforation: line 11
    Printing: Offset lithography
    Face value: 12 Vietnamese xu


    Country: China, People's Republic
    Series: East China
    Catalog codes: Yvert et Tellier CN 45 Michel CN-E 82
    Stanley Gibbons CN EC 378
    Issued on: 1949-08-11
    Perforation: line 12½
    Printing: Offset lithography
    Face value: 70 Chinese dollar

    Regards, James.
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  3. workpath

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    Hi James,

    Thanks a lot for your answer, much appreciated! I am based in Bucharest, Romania.

    How can i find out if they are rare or not? They were placed in a good spot in the album, either they were valuable(the collection also had many 1800's USA stamps) or my grandpa liked them a lot.

    Another question is from where could i start to learn more about stamps. For instance i have about 15 different stamps of the U.S. Postage 1 cent Franklin ultramint, but it's really hard to differentiate the valuable ones.
  4. James-2489

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    The East China stamp available today on EBay for UK £ 2.45 or 2.87 Euros
    I could not find the Vietnam stamp on EBay but Scott lists it at $2.50 or 2.39 Euros

    I think that one of our American collectors would be better suited to answer the Franklin 1c questions.

    If you have WW collection? Checkout "" or download the Scott 2009 catalogue. Also check online auction houses or Ebay for current prices.

    Regards James.
  5. Werner Salentin

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    The North-Vietnamese stamp has a cat.-value of € 3.- Michel 2003.
    The East-China stamp is a cheapy and values minimum prize (-.20)
  6. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Just found a german dealer´s offer of the Vietnam stamp.
    Selling price: € 4.-.
  7. SATX Collector

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    Hello workpath:

    I am based in Texas, USA at present and I can probably help you with your US questions. Can I assume you meant to say 1c Franklin Ultramarine?

    You can click on my avatar and touch the Start a Conversation button to send me a private mail... that way we can connect with other emails. I sometimes go weeks without logging in to this site only because I get so busy with other events.

    Best wishes to your collecting interests.
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