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    Chambers Stamp Journal – ‘Stamps of the World at a Glance’

    I had never heard of this periodical (that doesn’t mean much!) and I found little about it on the Internet. I was recently able to purchase seven post-war years, missing a few issues here and there. They are in remarkably good condition for their age (better than me!) with only some page toning.

    It is not as interesting (IMHO) as Stamps Weekly, runs only 15 pages and the front cover in a typical weekly issue. It seems to have begun publication in 1922. I am not sure when it ceased to appear; perhaps one of our resident historians knows more?

    The typical issue has one or two feature articles, fillers, news, ads (of course) and several rotating columnists. I look forward to the journey through philately 1947-1954, towards the end of the Golden Age.

    Here is what I found in the May 19, 1947, issue:

    FEATURE - Greenland Parcel Post Stamps Make Interesting Specialty. I’m thinking we had a Greenland specialist here on StampExchange? The author states these are considered locals because they were only good between Denmark and Greenland. He (Burt Brownyer) also states they were unlisted in Scott at the time. Still true today?

    FEATURE – A listing of foreign philatelic agencies. I plan to send a request to all of them and hope they haven’t moved in 70 years.:bucktooth:

    NEWS: CIPEX Poster Seals are now Available…Robbins to Produce Philatelic Supplies. A House resolution has been introduced for a series of stamps commemorating the services rendered to the cause of the American Revolution by Hayme Solomon. Killed in committee?

    MAIL - ‘You Said It!’ – An expert provides some detail on the Tonga Dynasty.

    COLUMN – ‘Off the Cuff’ by Burt Brownyer– The big week is here [CIPEX]…collectors have gathered from around the world to witness the greatest philatelic show in our history in New York. Were you there? Why not? ;)

    COLUMN –‘ Postal Cancellations’ by Robert Milligan –A listing of the Universal Machine cancellations of the Red Cross slogan. Actually, the first half. TBC.

    NEW ISSUES – A listing of new stamp issues for the week. Did you purchase the Venezuelan BS .05 and .10 value fiscals hot off the press? Too bad, they’re probably worth a small fortune now and you missed out!

    ADVERTISERS –M.J Stern, Hobbs Stamp Company (I remember them), Harmony Stamp Company, M.G. Hanna. Did you purchase the 1c-10c unused Columbians from Northwestern Stamp for $8.50 the set?

    Many other advertisers and classifieds. On first blush, based on the advertisements, Chambers seems to focus on a slightly lower level of collector than Stamps Weekly.

    How useful is any of this information? Not much, objectively. But I enjoy it – reading, learning little tidbits here-and-there, a sense of connecting with the past and perhaps in 300+ issues finding a nugget or two. Perhaps I will find an article on Newspaper Stamps to add to my bibliography on them.

    NOTE: My daughter and family aren’t coming down this Christmas so my wife left for Seattle for a week this morning. I guess you’re stuck with me for a week longer. Just me and our two Chihuahuas - Liliuokalani and Kanani Kapiolani.


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    Nice find! I have seen references to Chambers before, but don't have any issues. I, too, enjoy reading the old stamp collecting periodicals. Like a trip back in time It also makes me appreciate more the collecting information that is available to us on the Internet.

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