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    Hi all

    Does anyone have any info about how to find SG numbers from Michel numbers?

    I'm collecting stamps by engraver, and several info sources about engraved stamps use Michel numbers. I'm thinking about middle Europe stamps, like Czech and others. I've found a website with lots of info about Czech engravers and their stamps, but the items are referenced in Michel numbers.

    I'm in UK and the dealers at the few stamp fairs I can easily get to use SG numbers.

    I've found a website that translates Scott numbers for USA stamps to SG numbers - this v helpful. but wot about European countries, I say? I have SG cats for France, Czechoslovakia/Poland and Austria/Hungary, and Scandinavia.

    Toodle-oo from UK - It's been raining here for days! Dog walks v muddy. What happened to spring/ summer??

    bye for now.
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    Try this link. Click on a country, then a year range and it will give the different catalogue numbers.
    The different numbers will be displayed under "catalogue codes".
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    Thanks very much, Steve and Hochstrasse - these are v interesting links. It'll take me a while to explore them, but it looks like you've provided the info I need. I'm finding that collecting by engraver involves a lot of simple research - just compiling a wants list is a really fascinating process. Thanks again for your help.

    The Colnect site looks impressive just for the range of collectables - the web is truly amazing!
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    It can be like a giant sweet shop at times LOL
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