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    Canadian Aviation Companies were given permission by the Government of Canada to print and apply postage to mail addressed to the remote parts of the country where ordinary mail service could not deliver it.
    The stamps are a unique postal history of Canada that had a limited but adventure filled existence between 1925 and 1932.

    1924 Laurentide Air Services Ltd.

    It was formed as a separate company of Laurentide Pulp & Paper Co.
    In 1924, the company changed its name to Laurentide Air Service and started the first regular passenger air route in Canada.
    Proving to be a reliable air carrier, postal authorities allowed the company to charge a fee to carry letters.
    - The plane crashed on January 24, 1925.
    - The company closed in 1925 from financial difficulties.

    Unitrade CL1 Aug 30 1924

    Unitrade CL2 - Sept 5 1924 & Sept 9th 1924 Imperf left & right, rouletted top & bottom
    Printed in booklets of 4 panes with 2 stamps each

    Unitrade CL3 Oct. 1 1924

    The plane was a Curtiss HS-2L "La Vigilance"
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    Sforga .. Do you know what areas were served by Laurentide AIR Service ?
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