Can you help me with a family project for a retiring Postmaster

Discussion in 'United States Stamps' started by pdlarson, Oct 29, 2014.

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    I am new here and joined just to ask this question. I was asked by my Mother in law if I could help with a project. Her sister, my wife's Aunt is retiring as the Postmaster from Jackson Montana, 59736.

    I'm looking for good quality images of the most commonly issued stamps of each denomination for 1 oz first class dating back to when she started working in the 60s with I believe the $.05 Washington stamp.

    I know so little about this that I'm having trouble even knowing what to look for. I was born in the 70s so I can't just see an image and remember oh yeah, that was a common stamp in '77.

    I find images in Google Images but some are foreign, air mail or special issues, I have no idea what were the common ones of each denomination.

    Any pointers to resources with good hi res printable images of stamps and which stamps to look for?

    Thanks so much for your help.
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  2. Hochstrasse

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    I have a couple of links for you. The first gives you the first class rate for a particular year or span of years. The second will show you the stamps for a particular year. There might be more than one definitive stamp that was used for first class postage for a particular rate. I would cull out the Christmas stamps and "other" rate definitives and choose the one most indicative for the period. Perhaps you have a family member or friend that might help you decide.
    Hope this helps.

    Here's another link that shows stamps up to 2014 and provides some nice images. When thinking about the first class stamps in most of that time period it will be mostly "presidents" or "flags". Also don't forget the "A" rate, "B" rate and all the way through "H" rate stamps. The joke among collectors at the time was whether they were going to put out the "I" rate stamp. Fortunately they didn't.:shame:
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  3. zararina

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    Nice! Those links are really informative Hoch. :)
  4. tasha

    tasha Active Member

    Thanks for the links, it is great to be able to have a look for the different types used in the ages. When you look at ones from each decade, my how the world changes and you can see it through a stamp, amazing.
  5. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Nice new feature of the site here, a thread can be marked as answered. :)
  6. pdlarson

    pdlarson New Member

    Great site everyone. I'll look over the links and discuss with my Mother in law if this is what will help us out. Hopefully I'll try out the new mark as answered feature soon too!
  7. SATX Collector

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    Just found this thread... I am a collector and soon to be seller as well. I buy a lot of stamps at and everything I buy has a photograph attached to it... you can pick and choose any image to save. I am also writing a book on each US state and the stamps associated with it so that is where I get a lot of my pics...

    I stay away from eBay because of all the crooked dealers out there that advertise and then never send... got tired of the BS!
  8. tasha

    tasha Active Member

    Oh i thought ebay was good for protecting the buyer! What about etsy and gumtree they might be good too.
  9. littleriverphil

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