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Discussion in 'Trades' started by FitzjamesHorse, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. FitzjamesHorse

    FitzjamesHorse Active Member

    Bought two unsorted bags at a market stall recently. One was ptretty bad. But the other turned to be excellent.
    It will pproduce a lot of usable duplication.
    My intention is to use them for trade in groups of say 50....and to trade them around the world as many places as possible.
    It would be reasonable to send these two times a week.
    At this stage, I am only working out the level of interest and whether it is worth doing..
    Best wishes.
  2. SATX Collector

    SATX Collector Remember the Alamo!

    I for one would welcome it as I have thousands of duplicates myself but mostly US and some others. 50 pieces would be the going rate, no dupes in my bag, value and dates inspecific?

    A lot of mine came the same way... get a big group, pick through them, sell/trade what I don't want. Plus some friends that know I collect pick up packets and give them to me.
  3. FitzjamesHorse

    FitzjamesHorse Active Member

    The way I look at it is that I can prolly make up about 20 packets of 50 different stamps. They are commercially used and not in any sense valuable except as exchange.
    Theres probably about 500 "different" stamps...some probably hundreds of copies of one stamp and maybe one copy of a stamp.

    This means over a few weeks I can send 20x50 (1000) to up to 20 countries. And hopefully get 1,000 different stamps in exchange.
  4. SATX Collector

    SATX Collector Remember the Alamo!

    I can certainly do a few hundred... probably close to a thousand but will have to dig. I just moved 3 weeks ago and haven't unpacked all the boxes yet but given the incentive, you would be surprised what a mess I can make!!

    Almost all would be US though...
  5. mac123

    mac123 New Member

    I´m interested in GB perfins (only from the 4 Kings´ period, 1902-1952). I offer used stamps from Argentina and other countries. Best regards.
  6. dlahd15

    dlahd15 New Member

    I am so new at this I have some stamps and I need to understand what I have so help uploadfromtaptalk1430158398402.jpg
  7. SATX Collector

    SATX Collector Remember the Alamo!

    Welcome to the forums... looks like you have a nice start on a world-wide (WW) collection. I see a lot of Latin America, Eastern Europe, a few Africa.

    What do you THINK you MIGHT want to collect, knowing that you are new to this. We can certainly help identify the stamps in the picture, but if you are going to get into the hobby we would be best served teaching you how to look for the information yourself... you will learn twice as fast.

    Collecting without some sort of goal is just amassing a number of stamps... some folks do so just for the different pictures AND THAT IS OK: not saying one way or another. But if you want guidance, give us a little bit more on which direction you would like to start with and then build from there.

    Good luck and don't be bashful: ask LOT'S of questions.
  8. Claude Goeminne

    Claude Goeminne New Member

    I have just started working through my late father's stamp collection and would like to extend it - just a browse through his stamps shows many duplicates - especially Belgium and Italy - I would like to be part of the exchange mentioned in the first post if it's still active
  9. FitzjamesHorse

    FitzjamesHorse Active Member

    I have actually posted the last envelope yesterday.
  10. Claude Goeminne

    Claude Goeminne New Member

  11. al mahbub

    al mahbub New Member

    Hi, If you are interested, we can go for exchange..mahbub,
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