Book Review - The 1c Franklin 1861-1867

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  1. Molokai

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    I am buying quite a few philatelic books. From time to time I will post brief reviews of those which seem especially attractive for various reasons.

    The United States 1 Cent Franklin 1861-1867 and an Introduction to the Postal History of the Period by Don L. Evans with contributions from C.W. Bert Christian, Linn’s 1997, 418pp.

    I purchased the paperback of this book because 1) I am a cheapskate and 2) I am on a budget and have a list of over 100 more books I would like to own. That said, I might opt for the hardback…someday. I paid $12.50 plus shipping and there are several copies available in that price range.

    This tome is very, very readable. I don’t know if you can call such a book a ‘page turner’ but in a way it is that, indeed. It covers much territory and is, as they say, ‘profusely illustrated.’ The center section has eight pages of gorgeous drool worthy plates.

    Chapters: 1) The 1861 Contract and the First Printings, 2) The Issued 1 Cent Stamp of 1861, 3) The Grilled Issues of 1867-69 4) Experimental and Patent Printings, 5) Special Printings, 6) Summary of Postal Rates and Procedures, 7) Postal Markings, 8) Cancellations, 9) Demonetization Period and First Uses, 10) City Carrier Collection and Delivery, 11) Drop Letters, 12) Circular and Transient Mail, 13) Special Services, 14) Armed Forces and War-related Mail, 15) Illustrated Covers, 16) Transcontinental and Western Mails, 17) foreign Mails, 18) Monetary and Revenue Use, 19) Miscellaneous, Odd and Unusual.

    Interwoven with the study of the 1 cent Franklin is a veritable library of information on postal history, grilling alternatives, cancellations, postal rates and (especially interesting to me!) the technology of stamp production at the time. Lots of detail and some wonderful old drawings. The section on perforation techniques and machinery was all new to me and fascinating. The chapter on experimental and patents is the best I’ve found on the alternatives to grilling proposed at the time.

    The combination of detail and readability is remarkable; not an easy task and the author is to be commended. Considering the attention lavished on the 2 cent Jackson and 3 cent Washington this book really brings the 1 cent Franklin into the limelight.

    Even if the stamp itself is not of interest, the material on postal history, experimental alternatives to grilling and stamp production makes this volume a winner in any philatelic library. It packs a lot of punch – and the price is right!
  2. Gunny

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    Good stuff. Thanks for the review.
  3. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    You are right about the price being right. Did you find the book on Amazon?
  4. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    Howdy, Hoch - I got mine off eBay but I think ABE and Amazon have quite a few. Seller = victor2000 on eBay has a nice HB copy, $14.99 with no bids.
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  5. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    I have let my PayPal card lapse unfortunately, but I looked on Amazon and saw a used hardcover for $35. I'll keep this book in mind and see if it's still on Amazon next January. There's a lot of bills coming due right now for me so I have to put it off. This is the sort of period that really interests me also.
  6. Jim Shaver

    Jim Shaver Active Member

    Thanks a lot for the review. It does look like a very useful reference and good education in a couple of different areas.
    Everyone else....let's all try and post one review on books we have. It's hard to know sometimes if a certain book is useful or not.
    I have two I'll work on soon...
  7. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    Excellent idea, Jim! So many books on philately, reviews would help in selecting the right ones for a library.
  8. Jim Shaver

    Jim Shaver Active Member

    Where should we post them? I'd like to see them all in one place no matter the subject of the book..."Stamp Chat"? Ideas?
  9. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    Good question, Jim...else they be scattered hither and fro. I suppose if there was enough interest down the line, perhaps Book Review Forum. But for now...I dunno.
  10. Jim Shaver

    Jim Shaver Active Member

    OK....for now when I finish my two, I'll put them in stamp chat...I'll make a post in some forums asking for reviews to be posted there...
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