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    Pat Paragraphs by Elliott Perry, Compiled and Arranged by George T. Turner and Thomas E. Stanton, Bureau Issues Association, Inc. 1981, Oversized Embossed Hardback, 648(!) pp. Current price range (eBay, Amazon, ABEbooks) $45.00- $125.00.

    There are a few people in the history of U.S. postage stamps literature for whom one can say, “Anything they wrote is worth reading!” Elliott Perry is certainly one of them. Others – Melville, Luff, Chase, Johl, Brookman, Ashbrook, Sloane, Herst. It has also been said that anything from the BIA is worth having or reading.

    Pat Paragraphs is a compilation of Mr. Perry's columns which ran from 1931-1958. Mr. Perry himself ran from 1884-1972. :angelic: Over that time, there were 58 issues encompassing over 2000 pages.

    The layout by Turner and his team is similar to Sloane’s Column. The columns have been organized by subject. But here, there are less subjects (though still quite a few) than Sloane’s and Perry digs in much deeper, more systematically. One could say a small treatise has been written on several of the subjects.

    Production values are much better than Sloane’s Column. While the layout is in columns, it appears they may have used the original plates as opposed to the cut-and-paste mock-ups.

    Subjects, to wit: United States Philatelic Research (14pp), Postmaster Provisionals (4pp),1847 Issue (40pp), 1851-57 Issues (29 pp), 1861-67 Issues (83 pp), 1869 Pictorial Issues (5 pp), Banknote Issues (27 pp), Later Issues (2 pp), California Mails (4pp), Carriers (38 pp), Confederate States (15 pp), US Express Mails (36 pp), Foreign Issues (3 pp), Hawaii (8 pp), Local Posts (141 pp), Postal Markings (28 pp), Revenue Stamps – Perry’s specialty (31 pp), Sanitary Fairs (6 pp) Short Topics (10 pp), Miscellaneous Topics (22 pp). There is also a Chronological Listing of Pat Paragraphs.

    Pat Paragraphs would belong in any ‘basic’ library for the collector of U.S. Stamps. At the risk of missing someone’s ATF, that list would include: The Melville Series, the Chase and Luff volumes, Brookman trio, Johl’s four-tome set, Frangipane’s two books, Sloane’s Column, Zareski/Herst 19th Century Fancy Cancels, Herst/Sampson 19th Century US Postmarks and Cancellations - and a fairly recent Scott’s specialized.
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    Molokai, again a helpful and well written review. :joyful:
    I hope others on the forum follow your example and write some reviews we all can use and enjoy.
    My second review to follow soon...gotta keep up with you ;)
  3. Molokai

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    Thank you, Jim! I'll write a couple more, hope to prime the pump as it were.
  4. augusta

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    insightful review,love Elliot perry and his compilations.hope to do my review as expressively as this.
  5. Molokai

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    Thank You, Augusta!
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