APS StampShow - Omaha, NE - August 1-4 2019

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  1. Molokai

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    This should be a great show! Some of us are planning to attend. It would be nice to see others from StampExchange at the show. If at all possible, please consider it on your summer schedule. We could even arrange a SE Meet and Greet at a nice local pub.
  3. DonSellos

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    Back from the show. I considered it very successful, great venue, large hall, easy to get to from close-by motels, lighting was good, excellent exhibits, friendly dealers and over-all good experience. While I didn't see him, even Warren Buffet showed up. I thought the attendance was good, never crowded, but steady. Dealers always had customers at their tables. One dealer had seventeen chairs which were always occupied. Wide variety of offerings, but not many cinderella dealers, which was a disappointment for me. Still managed to buy a few at reasonable prices. I took some pictures which I can't transfer from my damned camera to my laptop! Will have to go to the phone store for help, not one of my favorite trips as all they want to do is sell me a new phone.

    Here's a piece of stamp collecting ephemera that I bought at the show. I didn't realize that Planters offered stamps. Judging from the dates of the stamps offered, I would guess this item dates from 1940-1941. I haven't examined it closely, but it looks like H.E. Harris may have supplied the stamps. Check the Nova Scotia offering at the bottom right. A person had to eat a lot of peanuts to get some of these items!

    20190225_065716-scfopt.jpg Scan.jpg
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  4. Molokai

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    Splendid, Don. Thank you! Shame you did not meet Buffet - sure he would have given you an inverted Jenny or at least a mint set of Zepps!

    What was the age scatter of the attendees, if you noticed?

  5. DonSellos

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    I'd say the average age of the attendees was low sixties. Not counting the kids, I saw a few people in their late 20s early 30s, but the majority were much older. Every one seemed to have money to spend, yours truly excepted. I sat next to one collector who racked up a total in excess of $2,000 from that dealer. My purchase was just a little less, about $12 as I recall :shame: The dealers, I believe, did well. One of my purchases is the 1938 S/S from the Tulsa International Exhibition of that year. I bought it for a whopping $3.50. I was delighted with the price as just a week or so earlier I was outbid at $10.50 on eBay for the same item. It sold for over twice as much at $21.50. The cinderellas that dealers brought were not priced high at all. I've come to the conclusion that the cinderella market supply is pretty thin and inconsistently priced from one dealer to the next. I've managed to get some of the photos off my phone and I've posted these that I took at the show.


    The S/S 20190802_154708 (3).jpg

    The view of the show floor from the entrance.
    aps show6.jpg

    The Stamp Ball from Boys Town. See this link: https://stampsla.com/tag/boys-town/
    aps show7.jpg

    The kids area
    aps show8.jpg

    The awards table
    aps show9.jpg

    This dealer should have had an award for bringing the most stock. A poor photo, but in the back ground, behind the tables are box after box of collections and stock.
    aps show10.jpg
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  6. Molokai

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    Thanks for the pics!

    Ages - About the same I saw at the World show a few years ago. There were more 30-40 somethings than I expected, but teens and 20s were sparse.
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