Anybody Miss the Little Stamps?

Discussion in 'United States Stamps' started by KatherineGlison, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. KatherineGlison

    KatherineGlison New Member

    The ones that we used to use that were 1 cent, 2 cent, and so on. When prices would go up then you would get out the little stamps to put on the envelops, too? I know that having forever stamps are pretty convenient now, though. But I think that it gives some artists out there some limited opportunity, because now there are less options for them to have their pictures put on stamps. Everything seems like it has become so generic and bulk-like these days.
  2. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    I noted that the foreverstamp designs do alter so that depends just what artist is in the queue to get his artwork recognised.
  3. visitor

    visitor Active Member

    With the USPS "forever" stamps. there is less need for the 1c, 2c, etc. They still have some, though, last time I looked. I've got a sheet or two of 2c around here somewhere.
  4. KatherineGlison

    KatherineGlison New Member

    That's cool. And I can kind of agree with your point. I wonder what took them so long to make forever stamps, though.
  5. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    We have had NVI (Non-Value Indicator) stamps here in the UK since 1989, originaly they were for 1st & 2nd class mail but now we have them for worldwide and European use as well as for different weights, and for postcards.
  6. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    I can already picture this .

    The 200th anniversary of the first stamp in 2040. :rolleyes:

    The Penny Black commemrative print on a sticker, :eek: a special souvenir hologram to commemorate the occasion with the first ISC (Interplanetary Space Communication) from Mars.

    Only 26 years to go :D Will this site excist till then, I won't but my stamps will have new caretakers ;) unless the coming cyclone is going to suck all of it up by Sunday as the weather chaps predict.
    When the Capt. Kirk said 'Scotty beam us up' did he mean stamps - nawe
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  7. Lostvalleyguy

    Lostvalleyguy Member

    When I was young, the smaller denomination stamps were great for collecting. When you are young, buying $1 and $2 stamps are not an option. I miss them and it is a shame that you don't see a series of stamps printed with a wide variety of denominations.
  8. Larry L. Taylor

    Larry L. Taylor Active Member

    Don't need the one-sees and two-sees when the USPS jacks up the rates 3-5 cents at a time. Then you need the 3 or 5 cent commem's. I know I can now combine the 37 centers with two 6 centers et voila, 49 cents. There always seem to be a combination of older, surplus stamps that allows me to get me to the current postage rate. I somehow think I'll always know what the current rate is, even with the FOREVER stamps. They gotta sell them in 10-, 20-, or 25 minisheets/booklets for a fixed price at the time.
  9. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    I start collecting when stamps are already not on cents denominations. I just acquire some of those small value used stamps from antique shops and sold on bulk. Not really rare stamps but still worth keeping for me. :p
  10. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    We still have a full range of definitive stamps from 1p upwards :)
  11. visitor

    visitor Active Member

    Yeah, I like them little buggers:D
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  12. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Yes, those stamps are affordable for every collector. :D
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  13. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    I regularly use the 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, and 10c stamps for make-up postage with older definitives and commemoratives. Makes for a more interesting cover in my opinion. As a collector of W/W definitives the lower denomination stamps are just as important to fill an album page as the higher values. Sometimes, however, the lower values are more difficult to fine used that the high denominations.

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  14. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    Yes, I also use the low denominations in combination with stamps from the lower first class rates. I used to use the old 3c commemoratives a few years back since they were worth less than face value. Now that they have risen in value I buy the new make-up low value stamps from USPS.
  15. Stacey Gaubatz

    Stacey Gaubatz New Member

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I used to love putting those one cent stamps on things when I had something to mail after the postage went up. I think everything has also gone the way of electronic mail. Perhaps this is why the postage seems to increase every year.
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