Another bulgarian...

Discussion in 'World Stamps' started by Makanudo, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Makanudo

    Makanudo Moderator Moderator

    Couldnt really find it...

  2. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

  3. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    issued June 1st,1921 in a set of 10
  4. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, copy of information from Scott 2009 edition DVD.


    Regards, James.
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  5. Makanudo

    Makanudo Moderator Moderator

    I did identify it as A22, but couldnt find value/colour...
  6. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    That's an attractive set of stamps.

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