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Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by amelia88, May 12, 2016.

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    That's such a nice set. I love the little Pikachu and the random rabbit riding a deer?? haha.

    Sadly I don't own any cartoon stamps. I really like the old cartoon ones though. Garfield, Popeye, Micky Mouse, Peanuts, Donald Duck, ...


    Anybody remember this guy?
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  3. James-2489

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    Hello all, this set of cartoon characters - Mr Men and Little Miss - issued by UK mail

    Date of issue: 2016-10-20

    Regards, James.
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    Hello Makanudo, your stamp is from the "World Stamp Expo '89" set of ten stamps issued 1989-11-17. The second Disney set from that year. Grenada has issued more than fifty Disney stamps over the years.

    Regards, James.
  6. Werner Salentin

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    issued May 4th,1995,print 550.000.
    The stamp was issued in sheets of 20 as well,print 2.000.000.
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  7. Werner Salentin

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    same series,print 550.000
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    Here is an FDC of "Fairhair" the horse, a cartoon character from Sweden, written by cartoonist and writer Bertil Almqvist, also famous for his "Stones Kids" series of books. The Stones Kids travelled all round the world, and even to the Moon and Mars ! IMG_0001.jpg
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