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    Sorry about the avatar, but it seems to be the only picture I've got of myself. I'll work on that. I collect U.S. only, mint and used, though I haven't been particularly active with the collecting for a couple of years. I've got lots of duplicates from the mid 20th C., some mint, and a lesser amount both older and newer. I've got quite a few extra mint sheets from the last seven (?) or so years. Will trade or sell, but would prefer to trade for older singles. I'm not really collecting for myself as much as for something to pass along to my kids (I'm maintaining 4 albums), so I can use multiples of many stamps. I'm an English teacher, so I frequently run into time issues during the school year, but will try to put some sort of lists together for this site.
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    welcome to the forum!!
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    Welcome aboard Alvin!
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    Welcome to the SE Alvin.
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    Hi Alvin welcome to the forum :D
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