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Discussion in 'What's it Worth?' started by GoldenEgg54, Jan 30, 2019.

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    Anyone have an idea how common this error was?

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    Tricky, Brad. I collect the Beacon (Scott # C11) stamp. It is known for the vignette to be poorly registered. For that stamp a very large mis-registration can carry a hefty premium but just 'somewhat' mis-registered...not so much.

    I'd still encourage you to learn more about what you have before selling. Apparently Mystic didn't find anything that grabbed them, but who knows? At worst I imagine selling the collection on eBay would beat Mystics bid. As DonSellos noted, if you can post more full pages we might be of more help to you.

    Story: An old high school friend gave me several old albums of stamps - none of them full, just some here-there. I only found one set worth anything ($20) but I had lotsa fun going through them!
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    Early airmails are common for misregistrations. The C3 has what are known as grounded planes, the Beacon airmail with the plane wing into the frame and others. Collectors of these sort of stamps are looking for pristine examples of the most extreme shifts which can be quite expensive.
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    Thanks Molokai! My father had a good collection. 6 albums of plate blocks (1933-2000, mostly complete) and 6 regular albums, earliest stamp 1851 Ben Franklin. Has book value of >$3,000 just for the duck stamps.

    I was thinking of trying to appraise the collection itself. I know it would be tedious work. I have a lot to learn before I take on that task.
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    Brad, I envy you! One of the most rewarding and fun things to do is determining what stamps you have and "decoding" those little intricacies from the past.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks Carlin! It is fun remembering the hours my father spent on his stamp collection. He sold his coins, but was not able to get a price he was happy with for his stamps.
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