'Adventures in Philately' webinar series

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    I wanted to share info about our forthcoming philatelic webinars, hope this is OK to do here:

    The team behind Stamp Collector magazine and the allaboutstamps.co.uk website have teamed up with the Museum of Philately to present a series of special 'Adventures in Philately' webinar series which will celebrate, explore and explain the world of stamps and stamp collecting. Save the date for the following sessions…

    19 July, 6.30pm (BST time) - Fakes, Forgeries and Funnies
    16 August, 6.30pm - Fads and Fashions in Philately
    20 September, 6.30pm - Everything you didn’t know about the world’s most famous collector
    18 October, 6.30pm - Stamps: The weird and the wonderful
    22 November, 6.30pm - Who’s responsible for the world’s philatelic treasures?

    You can get more info at https://www.allaboutstamps.co.uk/stamp-guides/webinars/ and I hope you can join us!
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