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    Is an Argentine Antarctic base named after Admiral Guillermo Brown, the father of the Argentine Navy. The original station located in Paradise Bay was burned down in 1984. The base has been partially rebuilt, but is occupied only in the summer season.

    Destacamento Naval Almirante Brown Official Opening April 6th. 1951 Closed during Antarctic Relief 1959/60

    Estación Científica Almirante Brown Official Opening February 17th. 1965 Closed April 12th. 1984 for a fire

    Geographic location Proa point - Paradise harbor - Sanaviron peninsula 64° 53’ South Latitude / 62° 53’ West Longitude

    Station’s First Chief Teniente de Fragata Antonio Vañek

    Ships that took part in the opening operation A.R.A. Sanavirón” and “Chiriguano” patrols A.R.A. “Punta Loyola” tanker




    COVER (from my rtvstamp's Collection)

    Campaign 1967 / Cancelation: in blue "Instituto Antartico Argentino Estaciòn Cientìfica Alte.Brown" and two round cancelations: "Est. Cientifica Almirante Brown / Antartida Argentina / 22-Feb-67"




    Vignette: Navy emblem (anchor with sun) and ship


    B-1 (33,5 ) (Were used in the years 1967, 69, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78) date without frame Anchor’s sun with 10 rays , with inner circle. height of letters 3 mm. Level of the sea to stern of the ship, height letters IR


    Thanks for your attention!

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    Hello Rodolfo, welcome back to the forum. Beautiful cover and excellent information, I hope that we will see more of your collection in the near future.

    Regards, James.
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    Yes it is named for Admiral William Brown.
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    Thanks for your kind comments James!. I am very happy to back here again!

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    Also known in Spanish as Guillermo Brown. Born in Ireland, but he adopted the Argentina Nacionality and was considered as the "father of the Argentine Navy".

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    issued Sept.23rd,1957,onehundred death-anniversary.
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    Indeed, there is a monument to him in Foxford, County Mayo and the Argentine flag flies there on occasions.
    Also a more recent statue to him at Dublin harbour.
    While it is generally assumed that the Irish migrated to "English speaking countries", there were Irish communities in Argentina and Uruguay and several Latin American nations.
    In Stamp Collecting terms there have been jjoint issues with Mexico (1997....San Patricio Regiment) and Chile (2011 ...Chilean patriots).
    Later this year, Ireland will issue a stamp for Che Guevara Lynch (who had Irish ancestors)
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