A modern set I am partial to-

Discussion in 'United States Stamps' started by Jay, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    OK I do not collect modern US stamps but I just adore the Lewis & Clark set a few years back. I just recently got this on a piece of mail. Gorgeous in my opinion!​
    What do you think?​
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  2. steve logan

    steve logan Logie Bear

    very colourfull stamps, i d like the Lewis and Clark, although neither look like superman lol
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  3. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Yes those are gorgeous stamps Jay. ;)
    Also prefer the first two stamps.
  4. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    They was done by intaglio and offset style printing and were not engraved but they look like it. I remember when these were issued trying to get these from the Post Office..Quite impossible although they were taking orders because even though Jersey Shore PA is a small mountain town it was a Philatelic Center post office because of all the stamp hoopla in the State College area. Anyways I never got my order and never, that is until a week ago ever seen these off of philatelic pieces. That was because they was released as more of a prestige booklet and cost 45¢ and that's more than the obvious 37¢ face value due to the cost of manufacture so they was only available upon request and even then if they were in stock! Needless to say I was almos more thrilled with this cover than it's philatelic contents which was amazing in itself!
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  5. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    A reiteration: to quote a good friend and mentor on another board.~
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  6. Tom D

    Tom D Well-Known Member

    Gorgeous is an understatement Jay.​
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  7. swish513

    swish513 Active Member

    very nice!! :)
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  8. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    I think I need to crop that block as the selvage ruins the over all effect of the picture as a whole.
  9. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    They do have a nice look about them :)
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  10. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    They really do Steve they remind me of the "America" series of 1923. #551-#573
  11. kacyds

    kacyds New Member

    What a nice set of stamps, and they are not even cancelled :eek: and the post office wonders why they are losing money :confused:

    Glad that you like them.
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  12. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    I do...I really do! Many thanks kacyds!
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