A couple of recent additions to my WW collection

Discussion in 'World Stamps' started by DonSellos, Apr 27, 2019.

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    I purchased these two stamps from an APS sales circuit. The first is Belgian Congo Sc. 26, the 5 francs lake and black with a CDC from Boma, January 23, 1898. The second is British Guiana, Sc. 238, the Geo VI, 96 cents.


    20190226_061456-scfopt.jpg aaa1.jpg
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    Patience is certainly a virtue when collecting world-wide. I estimate it took ten years to complete this Netherlands set of overprinted and surcharged definitives, Sc. 226-243. The last six stamps, 60 cents to 5 guilden were slow to come. They all carry a premium and while probably not scarce, they don't show up in sales books or lots frequently. For stamps with a premium, I make a pencil notation in the frame under the stamps indicating the date acquired and price I paid for each. The earliest of these six was acquired in November 2011 and the most recent, the 1 and 2.50 guilden, just this month. I must admit, the page could have been filled much faster by going directly to a dealer for the missing stamps. Instead, ten years passed because I just filled a blank as a stamp became available in the course of sorting lots and perusing sales books. The latter method does take awhile, but it creates occasional bursts of joy and a sense of satisfaction.


    aaa..jpg 20190225_065716-scfopt.jpg
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    Hi Don,
    Congrats on finishing this set, even if it took a decade. I'm sure there is both relief and a touch of 'sadness' that this quest is finito. At least that was my feeling upon finishing my FSAT/TAAF collection @ 2001. However, my collecting took only 1/5 the time. Now I'm putting together MNH example sets of each BCW Malaysian states under QE-II, using her coronation omnibus issues as a guide.
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