80 cent 1868 a jewel

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  1. today I show you a jewel of the ancient Italian states, 80 Cent of the Papal States 1868.
    Proposals or exchanges with empty albums or classifiers are accepted. 80vat.jpg 80centbol.jpg 80centbol.jpg

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  2. Werner Salentin

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    Could it be that the offered 80 Cent. belongs to one of the four known
    private reprints ?
    The picture does not allow to determine the exact colour-tone or the
    clarity of the print.However it shows fairly well,that the stamp has a
    rather wide perforation.I would guess it is perforated around 11 and
    not 13 1/4,as the originals.
    Reprints are valued less than $ 1.- each,if in a near perfect condition,
    of course.
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  3. DonSellos

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    The stamp in the original poster's scan looks exactly like the one in the catalog entry. Note the cancel marks? in the catalog entry under the top 3rd perf and between the O and B of Franco Bollo.

    Does the poster have the stamp used to illustrate the catalog entry?

  4. sforgca

    sforgca New Member

    The image above has many issues but it is too blurred to identify properly
    Very faint 2nd dot after the 80
    The smaller C which is inclined differently
    The low small e and high n
    Lots of other details different
    Sample below of forgery/reprint it appears to match
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  5. anglobob

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    Interesting.....yet another task for the Stamp Detective......:cat::cat::cat:
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  6. Molokai

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    <DONSELLOS> You are going to regret ever showing that Stamp Detective cover!:smug:
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  7. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    I already have!

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